With Mothering Comes Loving

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Winner selected May 17th.

The smile across my heart expands each time I experience mothering from another.

Isn’t it lovely when someone gives you guidance, an insight, information or does something that’s especially for you. Then it becomes a ‘WOW!’ because you recognize they’re giving it (whatever it is) from the place within them; that’s mothering, that’s loving. Their giving is only to benefit you. That’s just so beautiful, right!?

Many of us are overflowingly fortunate that we get to receive, often, mothering that comes with loving and that we get to give mothering that comes with loving. So on May 17th, we’re celebrating all of you that are a Mother-To-Another and at 11:11 am, we’re going to select four women to receive a gift that contains learning, living, loving consciously.

Nominate yourself or another and briefly tell us when you received or gave mothering that is loving.