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    I am, we are so pleased you’re here….

    Do you know the most important relationship you will ever
    have, is the one with YOU?

    Do you know: You matter? You’re valuable? You aren’t alone?

    This site been designed with the understanding of the
    importance of your unique individual expression (You
    matter) the knowingness of your value (You’re valuable), and
    the mightiness of a collective (You aren’t alone).

    And, we’re here so you can develop the most important
    relationship you have, by learning to live your Real Truth
    and Power. You deserve a splendid life. You deserve a
    magnificent relationship and it all begins with YOU.

    It’s time to....
    "You are right where you're supposed to be."

The Intention

The Goal • The Mission • The Passion • The Purpose

For you to no longer live without knowing your Real Truth and how to live with Power.

So, that you can have what each of us want: to feel significant, know you matter and experience profound Love. That’s why we’re here! However, before you can manifest that goal, which is our purpose, you must rid yourself of critical self-talk, judgment, and woeful ignorance and the only way that can happen is by understanding your familial and societal conditioning.

We teach you what you haven’t lived until now so you can have a life beyond where you are today. A life that can be described as: A Dream Come True, which means Whole-Self-Satisfaction, a sense of peace of mind unlike you’ve never known before and a feeling of well-being that gives almost daily pause to feelings of gratitude.

Our goal, mission, passion and purpose can really be your life…. if you allow it.

The aforementioned conditioning is only true if you allow it to be and say so.

Real Truth LLC International™ (RTI) was created from the foundation of teaching Whole-Self-Acceptance, knowing the Power of Self, learning the Real Truth of who you are and excavating familial and societal conditioning so that every person that chooses can understand Self-Honoring-Choices and the individual Power of you.

Here’s what we know for certain: you are Powerful and together we can be more Powerful. So let’s be Powerful together and take the steps necessary to live a life you truly desire. It’s time to excavate, examine and release.

You no longer have to live within that paradigm.

Be among the 1% who live in alignment knowing their Real Truth and living with Power.

44 Hours & 21 Minutes; A Woman’s Truth and Power is a journey of testimony from unexamined conditioning to strength, courage, and boundless possibilities.

It’s written for every person who is ready to break from limitation, live without the conditioning and mental chatter that keeps them from being all they can be. It’s for the reader who is willing to learn through their heart, then integrate their learning into thinking, make actionable steps and watch their life change for the better.

The experiences shared on these pages give you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and give answers to the questions:

Why do I allow myself to be marginalized and kept silent?

Why do I stay in relationships that demean me?

Why do I feel this quite unresolved?

Why do I compromise myself?

Why don’t I really value me?

Why do I limit myself?

Why aren’t I fulfilled?

Upon completion of 44 Hours & 21 Minutes; A Woman’s Truth and Power you will know yourself differently and more honestly. Your relationship with YOU will be forever changed and if you do what’s necessary then you’ll be on the path to having a consciously fulfilling, magnificent life.
A Woman’s Truth and Power 44 Hours & 21 Minutes; A Woman’s Truth and Power | Real Truth International

A Step Into the Grandeur-of-You | The Relationship Series

After 11 years of research, 2 years in business, Real Truth has developed a program that enhances Life; even the life of its founder. From marginalization, miseducation and silence to excavating, examining and releasing to acclaimed author, speaker, You’ist to founding an organization whose sole/soul purpose is for You/everyone who desires to live a wholly-fulfilling life.

“From millionairesses to maids, the stories are the same, the only difference is the access to hide and the reasons to justify,” says Real Truth founder RaShawn-Renée.

The organization’s philosophy is: Until you excavate, examine and release the familial and societal conditioning that has yet to allow you to live a fulfilling life, you are living as a byproduct to your own life. The goal is to end the cycles of personal betrayal, shame, mental, emotional and physical abuse.

RaShawn-Renée | Real Truth International
It’s me RaShawn-Renée the woman who is dedicating her life to benefitting you. I believe that each of us is important, valuable, and we really matter.

This society in which we live and the families that we are raised in, with no fault to either, give us messages that communicate something different.

I am a woman who has always been kind, compassionate, wanting to help others and looked like life was great. However, underneath all of that was the conditioning that added experiences to my life that had me hold shame, blame, regret, and communicated to me something other than my Real Truth, value, or how to live with Power.

After what could have been a devastating experience I took the time to educate myself academically and personally. Which cololessed into a book. Which expanded into a coaching practice. Which propelled into speaking internationally. Which has evolved into this website and an online course that will masterfully and intrinsically change your life for the better. Everything begins with you, allow me to show you your Real Truth and how to live with Power.

I have the distinction of being given many titles, however, it’s what I do that’s most important….

What I do…. is lead you to having a more dynamic life, a magnificent relationship; that beings with you, that will change every area of your life for the better.

What I do…. Support the eradication of woeful ignorance, self-judgment, and critical self talk so that you really can live a life of boundless possibilities and accept opportunities that fulfill and honor you.

I am a woman that wants you to have a life of joy, inner peace, fulfillment, know your value, live with Whole-Self-Acceptance, and experience profound love.

YOU can have it!

“Fulfillment is a muscle that must be developed by words and deeds. If you don’t exercise it; atrophy happens and you never become the possibility of you.”