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Learning your Real Truth and living with Power touches every demographic.

Lynette Toma | Real Truth International
In the past two years I’ve learned so many life lessons that have stuck with me and a few are; Number one, I am the prize. Number two, to live your Truth and Power and Number three, to be a Mother-to-Another.

Living through these, I don’t want to say rules, but living through these guidelines has really changed the trajectory of my future and my life, knowing that I can do whatever I set my heart to and knowing that I have the support and support of other women being that support to those other women and making Self-Honoring Choices, knowing that I’m putting myself first and the outcomes have been unbelievable these past two years.

I started my own business and I became a more confident woman and joined a group of women who support each other and that’s what this life is all about. So thank you so much RaShawn-Renée.

Lynette Toma
Neil Shaw | Real Truth International
So what to say about RaShawn-Renée and her absolutely terrific book, 44 Hours & 21 Minutes. A quick foundation as to how to best measure my observations and feelings about this, what I think about this courageously and profoundly written book is.

For over 30 years that I’ve been a consultant, a trainer, and keynote speaker, my audiences are Fortune 500 clients who have sought out my teachings and advice. As such, I both recommend and advise every woman and yes, man to read and take to heart the message and teachings of 44 Hours & 21 Minutes.

You know, I think this book is for anyone that has found themselves asking questions like, who am I? Who do I strive to be? How do I muster the courage to appropriately introspect? How do I truly begin the journey of empowering any life changes that I want to engage in? And then to know how to walk in my new shoes?

RaShawn-Renée smartly, I believe, chose the vehicle of storytelling as a very powerful method of attaching concepts and asking penetrating questions to help the reader easily understand her insights gathered along her life’s journey to self-empowerment and the ability for both women and men to stand in as she aptly says, their own Truth and Power.

Neil Shaw
Minnie Ford | Real Truth International
I am in love with RaShawn-Renée. She is amazing! From the first time I started coming to these events, she has encouraged me. She has brought things out of me that I really didn’t know were there. I really appreciate her motivation and her insight because she gives so much. I am enjoying all of it and will continue to come because you just, you have to be here to feel it. So I appreciate RaShawn-Renée and I hope her the best. Thank you.
Minnie Ford
LaJoy Farr | Real Truth International
I just had the pleasure of hearing RaShawn-Renée share and one of my takeaways is that in the past, I noticed that I had taken on conditioning from my childhood that caused this irrational belief that when I saw someone’s face who looked disturbed, I would take it personally.

She invited us to excavate and go back to where that stems from. And I realized that I picked that up from my mom in the turmoil and abuse in my growing up. We tend to mirror our parents and I realized that that it was my mother’s way of not trusting her own instinct and I now know it has nothing to do with me.

So I stood in RaShawn-Renée’s superwoman pose and affirm my Truth. And that is that I don’t need to take anything personally. It’s about standing in my own inner loving and being empowered from that place.

Thank you RaShawn-Renée and we just love the work you’re doing. Thank you.

LaJoy Farr

“When you’re ready for the inward journey of excavation, what you find deep within free’s your mind and expands your life.”