Are you or have you been a fool in your relationships? You can change that…. You can learn from that. Join us.

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What does being a “fool” in relationship look like?

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—Never feeling able to fully express yourself…. truthfully.
—Constantly compromising yourself for the sake of trying to keep peace.
—Meeting another’s needs and ignoring or discounting your own.
—Acting as if the relationship is “good” when it feels bad.
—Accepting criticism and critique that diminishes your self-esteem.
—Staying because it’s convenient although it’s eating away at you almost every day.
—Allowing yourself to be belittled in fear of rocking the boat.

The Real Truth Process takes You on a journey of excavation, examination, and release of familial and societal conditioning. The conditioning that is so deeply rooted within You that you continuously make choices that put you in the “fool” position. Fool meaning, making choices that don’t represent your Value, Truth or Power.

4 days, 21 Minutes… = no longer being foolish


  • See what caused You to make the [foolish] choices You did.
  • Understand you weren’t a fool, You just didn’t know enough about You.
  • Learn how to make choices that benefit your life and build your self-esteem.
  • Gain the discernment to know which relationships are good for You and those you need to release.

Are you ready for a happier & more Wholly‑Fulfilling Life

Are you ready to live a spectacular life? After engaging with RaShawn-Renée….
RaShawn-Renée opened my heart to honest communication with myself towards others. It made me drop expectations of others and opened the door to loving myself more. I highly recommend this work to anyone who is struggling with a relationship with a loved one and/or themselves.

RaShawn-Renée’s work has been a tremendous factor in fostering more love in my relationships… and from that, a better Life! With her first book, 44 Hours & 21 Minutes; A Woman’s Truth and Power to her newest release: Learn You More, Love you More!, I’ve come to expect that anything she has to offer is going to impart an opportunity for deeper, more fulfilling connection. There is an alignment I experienced once I started applying her teachings to any one area of my life (no matter if I was focused on my career or marriage) the principles and learnings would string a chord through every area of my life and they each somehow managed to rise. Every. Single. One. It’s incredible!

It’s All For You!

Behavior is learned. Mindsets are developed. Shame, blame and regret can be eradicated. Allow me to guide you to the life you desire. Imagine, how you’re going to feel, when your dreams are your reality.

*By submitting, you’ll receive periodically; emails, inspirations, offers and other free access.

“When you’re ready for the inward journey of excavation, what you find deep within free’s your mind and expands your life.”