The dictionary defines events as; a thing that happens, especially one of importance.

Each event is of utmost importance.

We have the exquisite opportunities to speak with individuals that are choosing or have been chosen by their employer, University, Community or organization to learn the tools and mindset which allow them to embody the discipline and confidence to do the necessary steps to achieve a life of joy, fulfillment, inner-peace and Whole-Self-Acceptance as taught by RaShawn-Renée.

Each event is specifically designed for the originator. We know you matter and what we do matters. It’s imperative that we provide the tools, language and resources that align in a manner that makes it understandable and integrateable to the individuals listening.

Our intention for each event is that the participants gain understanding of the Truth and Power that resides within them and discovers the value of Choice-Points. So, that they/you can live a wholly fulfilling life; no pretense whatsoever, knowing who you are …. the Prize.


Agape has 9,000 local members and 1,000,000 friends worldwide. RaShawn-Renée had a full circle moment and moments of gratitude for another recognition of the guidance from my inner-knowing of a chance encounter more than a decade ago. Rev. Michael said to RaShawn-Renée, “Do it; you know you have to do it.” She replied, “Do what?” He responded, “You know; what you’re talking to Spirit about.”

What RaShawn-Renée was talking to Spirit about was writing and being a beneficial presence on the planet.

It took more than a decade of following her inner-knowing. On this day she got to share 44 Hours & 21 Minutes; A Women’s Truth & Power with the community of Agape. RaShawn-Renée says, “I always knew I was born to write and be a beneficial presence for good to others.”

Women’s Tea

RaShawn-Renée leads the attendees through speaking and a Process of excavating past experiences; financial and otherwise. She then guides them to seeing their conditioning which reveals how systemic conditioning can be (and most likely is) influencing current choices. By the conclusion of the event, she has impacted their lives far beyond finances.


RaShawn-Renée engages with the group from Zion, a safe-harbor for people who have been and/or currently are currently being abused. She communicates in a manner that invites everyone in the room to see their real value and use the experience of abuse to think differently (not as a victim) and shares the tools that can change their mindset and circumstances.

Let’s be powerful together!

It’s time to create a Life-of-Delight by making Self-Honoring Choices, being a Mother-to-Another, and absolutely experiencing Whole‑Self‑Acceptance.”