International Women's Day in London | Real Truth International

International Woman’s Day in London


Speaking, Teaching, Signing Engagements

Each event is of utmost importance.The dictionary defines events as; a thing that happens, especially one of importance.

Our intention for each event is that the participants gain understanding of their Real Truth and Power and discover the possibility to them once they make the Self-Honoring Choice to live a Wholly-Fulfilling-Life.

We have the exquisite opportunities to speak with individuals that are choosing or have been chosen by their Employer, University, Community or Organization to learn the profound knowledge of their Real Truth and how to live with Power, which up-levels their performance as an employee, student, community leader or organizer; whatever your distinction of title, it is up-leveled.

Each event is specifically designed for the originator. It’s imperative that we provide the tools, understanding, language, and next steps so that each participant can walk away having benefited from the engagement and next steps. To live the life they truly desire.

Agape | Real Truth International


Agape has 9,000 local members and 1,000,000 friends worldwide. RaShawn-Renée had a full-circle moment and moments of gratitude for another recognition of the guidance from my Inner-Knowing of a seemingly chance encounter at a Revelation Conference more than a decade ago. Rev. Michael said to RaShawn-Renée, “Do it; you know you have to do it.” She replied, “Do what?” He responded, “You know, what you were just talking to Spirit about.”

What RaShawn-Renée was talking to Spirit about was writing a book and being a beneficial presence for good in the world.

It took more than a decade before she followed her guidance from Rev. Michael and her Inner-Knowing. On this day she got to share 44 Hours & 21 Minutes; A Woman’s Truth & Power with the community of Agape which was founded by Michael Beckwith. RaShawn-Renée says, “I always believed I was born to write and wanted to be a beneficial presence of good for others. Then one day, my belief turned into knowing and it happened because I learned my Real Truth and how to live with Power.”

Women’s Tea | Real Truth International

Women’s Tea

RaShawn-Renée leads this group of women while speaking at a financial services event to a Process of excavating past experiences relating to their finances and other habituations. She supports them in seeing their conditioning which reveals how systemic patterns influencing their current choices both in their financial life and intimate, personal relationships. By the conclusion of the event, she has impacted their lives far beyond their finances.

Zion | Real Truth International


RaShawn-Renée engages with a group from Zion, which is a safe harbor for people who have been and/or are currently abused. She takes them through a Closed Eye Process to support them in thinking differently and to move their mindset from victim and valueless to informed and courageous. From there she is providing the opportunity for them to think differently so they can change their circumstances.

Let’s be powerful together!

It’s time to create a Life-of-Delight by making Self-Honoring Choices, being a Mother-to-Another, and absolutely experiencing Whole‑Self‑Acceptance.”