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Learn You More, Love You More


International best-selling and acclaimed author RaShawn-Renée teaches You how to eliminate negative Self-Talk, how to improve the relationships in your life and how to eliminate Self-Sabotage.

In this eBook….

  • Wouldn’t You like to have YOUR Perfect Love Story?
  • Having a spectacular relationship isn’t by chance, it’s designed, cultivated, and nurtured.
  • People who are unfulfilled in their relationships are usually unfulfilled when not in relationships.
  • Societal conditioning has taught us to expect less of ourselves and more from others.

Right now, Honesty, Trust, and Love are needed, and before you can give it, you must have it for yourself.

As you read and apply the teachings in this heart-engaging and Life-Enhancing eBook, You will learn to….

  • Trust and Love yourself more.
  • Develop the mindset and heart-set to improve relationships that have been fractured or broken (or to fully release them).
  • Let go of feelings of shame and regret that have held You back from the relationships you desire.
  • Build more self-regard, self-respect, and self-worth for You so that You will naturally attract a partner that knows your Innate Value.

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You can have a happier, more Wholly‑Fulfilling Life

Learn You More, Love you More! opened my heart to honest communication with myself towards others. It made me drop expectations of others and opened the door to loving myself more. I highly recommend this eBook to anyone who is struggling with a relationship with a loved one and/or themselves.

This eBook, Learn You More, Love You More!, offers divine conversations to have with yourself throughout the day that elevated my peaceful state of confidence. As if that weren’t enough, Learn You More, Love You More! then shifts to a whole other gift of Love; it provides the space to hold acceptance of what is and has been with some of the most meaningful relationships I’ve ever had. The powerful process of the prompts was a revelation of forgiveness and acceptance that revealed room for so much more in my own life. I am relieved, I am clear, I am empowered. Thank you, RaShawn-Renée for your work of Love. We all need more of it.

I loved this eBook and the profound way it changed my relationship with myself. Just like I need to put in the effort for each of my relationships with others, I came to realize that I needed to put in that time with myself. By participating in this eBook, I was able to focus on the loving I have for the others in my life and also the love I have for myself. Learn You More, Love You More! will help each and every one connect and deepen in the most important relationship of their life, the one with themself.

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*By submitting, you’ll receive periodically; emails, inspirations, offers and other free access.

“When you Love You more, it’s because you’ve learned You more.”