Mindful Monday

Gratitude is DEFINITELY an Attitude

Gratitude is a daily habit. When you’re grateful in your present moment, then there becomes more to be grateful for every moment. Use Gratitude as one of your sources for more happiness.

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Video Transcription

There’s a song by Diana Ross that I can remember my mom listening to. And she and her girlfriends would do the mimicking of the song. And it was, “Stop in that name of love”. And then I’d remember, what else did I want to do like this? But I don’t think that was it, but I definitely remember “Stop in the name of love”.

So, you know, there’s always a singer in me that comes out from time to time. And I thought that song is so appropriate to share with you.

Stop, stop in the name of love, the love that you have for yourself, the love that you were developing for yourself, the love that you want to hold more for yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others. You are unique, you are precious, you are magnificent, and you do not have to compare yourself to anyone except you.

So be the greatest, grandest idea of you, be the dream of you. And then your comparison to another is non-existent, right? So do you, and stop in the name of love comparing yourself to anyone else.

[Kiss] Grab it, put it in your heart and keep it there.