Wisdom Wednesday

Becoming Who You Want to Be

Learn how to move the mental and emotional blocks that have kept you from being who you know you can be.

Video Transcription

Hello and Happy Wisdom Wednesday. Happy New Year. Happy day. Wow. I just feel like yay!!!

It’s a New Year. And in this New Year, we get to do what it is that we are called to do. I hope that you watch the mindful Monday video, and if you haven’t, please click the link. I think you’ll get an email or maybe there’s a link here that tells you or direct you to watch it. Watch it because it sets you up for success for 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 and beyond.

And as I said in that video, I want to cheers to you. So if you’re watching right now and you have your coffee cup or your tea cup or whatever your libation is this morning, please grab it. I’ve got mine. I’ve got my latte made by my Honey this morning and I’m ready to celebrate you. So raise your cup, your glass, whatever you have. And if there’s not anything that you have to drink to cheers you, then use your finger. Okay?

So right now I want to say, congratulations to you for showing up here, being here is a self-honoring choice and congratulations to you for saying yes to yourself. Why? Because listening to Wisdom Wednesdays, listening, watching Mindful Mondays is such a declaration of your commitment to you. So, cheers! You got it. And if you don’t have anything, cheers! Finger to finger, we touched each other. You always have to drink when you make a toast. So, that was yummy.

So let’s get to it. I’m so excited to be here with you today on our first Wisdom Wednesday of the year. And I want to share with you that all the communication that I share with you, all of it, every bit of it is what I’ve used in my life to take me from a person that was doing okay. I have the normal ups and downs of life, right? The usual, I use this word, made up word, [Unintelligible 03:04] in my thoughts.

And then at a point in my life, when I absolutely knew that there had to be more, better and different, and I was determined to have it, I knew that I had to make a commitment to myself. So today, what we’re going to talk about on Wednesday Wisdom is what is necessary for you to do for you to release the mental and emotional blocks that keep you from soaring, that keep you from ascending, that keep you from fully being the person you want to be.

You know, I know that all of us, every one of us has a vision of who we like to be. And sometime, because we’re so far or we feel like we’re so far from the fullness of who we can be, we ignore it, we look the other way and that’s not necessary. You can be absolutely who you want to be. You can live a life of fulfillment.

And so what we’re going to talk about today is going to move, totally remove, if you do the work, you’ve got to do it, I can’t do it for you. I’m going to show up here for you on Wednesdays. I’m going to show up for you on Mondays, I’m here with you anytime you need to be reminded of the possibilities that await you. I’m here for you. Real Truth is here for you and you have to do the work. Okay?


So let’s get into it. The one thing, I asked on Monday for you to select one thing, one thing that you’re calling forth in your life right now, just one thing. So bring that to the top of your mind. And if you haven’t watched Mindful Monday, then it’s okay, you can select your one thing right now. So I’ll pause and just select the one thing. Close your eyelids and ask yourself, what is the one thing I’d really like to do, be, or have in this year?

You got it? Okay.

So now that you have that at the top of mind, most often it comes to mind, you’re excited about it. And then you do what, you make a commitment to do it, right? So right now let’s commit. Let’s commit that the thing you just brought to the top of your mind, you’re absolutely going to do, be, or have in this 2021. Are you committed to it? Yes. Great! I love that. I love that you’re committed to it. I love it. And when I say I love it, what I mean by that is that I love that you are saying yes to yourself, I love that you are making a commitment to yourself, and I love that you’re making a self-honoring choice for you. Okay?

So now that one thing that’s at the top of your mind that you’ve committed to, what is the one action step that you can do today to achieve that? I’ve said this before, so this isn’t new to you. So what is the one thing you can do? You can write it down and put it in front of you somewhere in your home so that you see it often, so it stays at the top of your mind. You could make a phone call to put it into action. You can make a plan of how you want to execute it.

What is the one thing? My one thing is that I’m going to do, I’ve decided that I need to have more experiences, right? So I’ve been wanting to go fishing since forever and ever and I haven’t done it. And why? Because I tell myself, Oh, I’ll do it later. I’ve been wanting to go doing this trampoline thing, like what they do in the circus, trampoline aerobatic kind of thing. I’ve been wanting to do that since forever. I even had it scheduled last year and I just didn’t do it last year before we had the shutdown. So we are now living in and I didn’t do it.

And so the commitment that I’ve made to myself is that those experiences that I want to bring in my life, I’m not going to put them off any longer. I’m not going to say, Oh no, I have to work. Or, Oh no, I should rearrange the office or something that seems necessary and important over a new experience.

So I’m committed to new experiences. And so the one thing I’m going to do is write down or add to the list of experiences that I like to have happen in 2021. That’s what I’m going to do.

So decide what you’re going to do, your one thing. My one thing that I’m going to do today is to add to my list. So what’s your one thing that you’re going to do?

And then how do we achieve that? How do we achieve the things that we’ve said before we’re going to do and we don’t? How do we achieve making sure that we fulfill the commitment to ourselves? How do we do that? How do we do that and not discipline ourselves?

So I’m going to give you the easy answer, right? And when I say it’s easy, it is super-duper easy, and it requires mindfulness. And yet it is super simple. Are you ready? Okay, I’ll tell you.

So the one thing, the one thing that you absolutely have to do that is going to support you in the release of the mental and emotional blockage that stops you from achieving what you want is one thing, the commitment to not disappoint yourself. I’m going to say that again. The commitment to not disappoint yourself.

Wow! That’s something so ginormous, because what happens is, we make these minor promises to ourselves, minor promise, Oh, I’m not having dessert every night and then you have dessert every night. Oh, I’m going to exercise five times a week, and then you exercise no times during the week. I’m going to be kinder to my spouse, and then you find yourself in petty arguments. I’m going to really commit to releasing negative self-talk, and you find yourself all day with negative self-talk. And why is that? Of course, the easy answer is that, it’s a habit and that’s what you are conditioned to do. You’ve been doing it for a long time and it’s hard to break the habit. That’s the easy answer.

But what’s underneath that is that you haven’t committed to not disappointing you. You are important, you matter, you are valuable. And every time you tell yourself that you’re going to do something and you don’t do it, then you are kind of eroding not kind of, I’m just going to say what it is, you’re eroding the trust that you have for yourself. And so you have to build that muscle, that beautiful muscle within you, of self-honor so that you can hold your head up, shoulders back. And with every step you’re making it a self-honoring choice. You know that you are living by making self-honoring choices.


So today, commit to yourself that you will not disappoint yourself. And then when you don’t commit, when you don’t keep your word to yourself and you’ve broken your commitment, you’re not going to beat yourself up. You’re not going to say what a bad person you are, or you don’t know how to commit. You’re going to say what the truth is. The truth is you are learning more about you so that you can love more about you and you are practicing, you’re exercising a new muscle of commitment, self-discipline, and self-honor. That’s what you’re doing.

So you will talk to yourself lovingly, and you will say, Oh, for me, I would say, RaShawn Renee, you promised yourself that you were getting up at 3:30 today and you didn’t get out of the bed until five. So why did you make that commitment to yourself and choose differently? When I ask myself that question, I’m going to get an answer and I’m going to recommit and tell myself the next day that I’m getting up at the time I said that I’m getting up. And if that’s 3:30, then that’s when I’m getting up.

And I’m going to love myself more, learn myself more as I am practicing the habit of being wholly committed to myself.

Now, let’s say that the commitment that you’ve made to yourself, you realize that it’s really not what you wanted, something that you thought you wanted, then you make a different commitment by doing as I am recommending, then that will start to erode the mental and emotional blockage that you have for doing what it is that you say you want to do, be and have.

You see, every time, as I said a little while ago, we don’t keep our word to ourselves, emotionally we’re telling ourselves what, we can’t really trust ourselves. Unconsciously, that’s what we’re saying. And we’re also saying, it’s okay, we can treat ourselves however, how hazardly we want to.

And then mentally we’re also communicating with ourselves that we aren’t worthy of what we say. Meaning I’m not worthy of what I say to myself.

So as you are learning yourself more, loving yourself more and eroding the mental and emotional blocks, and the short form is the commitment of you to you that you will not disappoint yourself. That’s what you got to do. That’s what you’ve got to do and you are going to see so quickly how much better you’re feeling about yourself and you’re going to see whatever it is that you’ve decided, whatever it is that you’ve chosen for yourself, you’re going to see those things manifesting in your life so quickly. So quickly, it’s going to surprise you, but what’s really going to surprise you is your self-esteem, how much more esteem you have for yourself and how your relatability to others change. That’s what you’re going to see.

And so what I tell you as I said a little while ago is what I have done for myself and continue to do.

So we’re on this beautiful journey together. So do it, take care of you, learn you more, love you more, commit to you, be the fullness of yourself. And remember, you are valuable, you matter. And for anyone else to know the value of you, you have to know it first. It’s so true.

So I’m going to end our communication today in the way we began it.

Cheers to you for choosing you, for making the self-honoring choice to be here and at this moment, whatever it is that you said that you want to achieve, cheers to that. And of course, if you don’t have the cup, we got the finger, cheers to that. You have to drink, remember? Okay.

Beautiful you, precious you, Happy New Year to you. [Kiss] Take that kiss, grab it, put it in your heart and keep it there. Know that you matter, know that you’re valuable, know that whatever it is that you’ve declared, you’ve chosen, you’ve decided, you can experience it, you can achieve it and I am here for you.

So I’ll see you next week. Thank you for being here and have a spectacular today. Bye for now.