Mindful Monday

Is there anything New About You?

A heart engaging communication that speaks to the necessity of you being better, more, and/or different.

Video Transcription

Happy New Year! Cheers! This is to a great 2021! 

I’m so happy that you’re here so wait a moment…. If you can, get your glass and if you have your tea or your coffee, grab it so we can have a toast to you! Are you ready? This is to a magnificent year! This is to you, stepping into the fullness of you! This is to you saying, ‘AHHH! I am so grateful to be alive and I LOVE who I am!’ This is all for you! CHEERS! AH! 

I hope that you received that! I hope that you know that this year is all for YOU! Right?! And the reason we’re here on this Mindful Monday is because we’re setting you up for success for 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 and beyond! And it’s all up to you!

So here we go, I have to get right into it, right?! No playing around this year, we’re here! 2020 is GONE! This is your time right now to say YES! To the fullness of you! To step into the Grandeur-of-you. To say, AH! I am so much more than THAT! Whatever THAT was back there! And to really move forward in your life. And how are you gonna do that? For this communication I am going to ask you right now to choose one thing, just one, one thing, I’ve said it before, you’ve heard me say it, one thing. Choose one thing that you want to see in your life, what is that? Do you want to see more loving? Do you want to see more success? Do you want to just stop hiding? Do you want to feel good inside of yourself? Do you want to know peace of mind? Do you want to have a great relationship? Do you want to have more sensuality? Do you want to have more sex? Do you want to have more friends? What do you want? Decide, right now. You’ve got it in your mind, right? We’ve talked about this before and NOW, this is your set up for success. Are you ready? That which you’ve just declared for yourself, now you’re not gonna waiver. You’ve decided. This decision is your commitment to you. And what you are doing by making this decision is telling yourself, ‘you can trust you’. This is it. 

So now, now that you have that one thing, decide ONE ACTION, one action that you’re going to do TODAY towards that thing. Just one. 

In a earlier video from last year, last year to set you up for this, we talked about bite-sized pieces so you’re going to take bite-sized pieces which is your one thing to get to where you want to go. 

So You’ve made the decision and you’re gonna pick one thing for today and you’re gonna do it. And then you’re gonna pick one thing for tomorrow, and you’re gonna do it! And so, when I see you next week, you’re going to feel so good about YOU cause you’ve made a commitment to YOU! You’ve declared it and you’re doing it. 

And let’s say something happens from now until next week, where you don’t choose your one thing daily, there will be no beat up, for you, to you, it will be an acknowledgement and you pick up and you start again. You pick up and you start again. This is your success prescription right now. You don’t need anything else. Nothing else, this is will set you up for success! Got it? You’re one thing! Declare it! Tell us what it is!

Okay, you know what? For all of you who tell us what it is, we’ll have a toast to it! Cheers to your 2021! OH! I ALMOST DIDN’T KISS YOU! *blows kiss* Grab it, put it in your heart, keep it there…. LOVE.