Mindful Monday

Knowing your Value is Necessary

A peak into what happens when you know You Matter and you are valuable.

Video Transcription

Hello and Happy Mindful Monday. I’m so glad that you’re here. I hope you’ve been here before and I want you to keep coming back because this is all for you. And each mindful Monday, the reason that I’m here and the reason that I hope you’re here too is because you’re ready and or because you’re doing it, you’ve decided to make your life more better, different, you’ve decided that you don’t want to hide yourself anymore, you’ve decided that there’s more of you to reveal, there’s more of you to experience. And that’s what mindful Monday is here for, to help you embody the mindset, the qualities, the thinking, the actions, to have more of what you want. So let’s get to it, right?

It’s mindful Monday and this is communication for you to embody, and it’s about your value. You are valuable. Yes. I will say it again. You are valuable. And what that means is, you determine, you determine your worth, your value, by how you show up for yourself, how you show up for others, how you see yourself and how you allow yourself to be treated and how you allow yourself to be spoken to and about. So let’s unpack that a little bit. Okay?

This means that there’s someone in your life, or even if it’s you, talking to you poorly, referring to you in a way that you don’t identify with or in a way that you started identifying with but you know is not who you are. It’s because they don’t know your value.

So you have to know it, you have to know that you are magnificent. You have to know that how you treat yourself communicates the value that you feel for yourself. You have to know that how you think matters and contributes and has value. You have to know that. So know your value and don’t anyone, absolutely anyone determine your value other than you. Okay?

Because you are valuable, because you matter.

That’s all I got for you. It’s mindful Monday, remember. See you next week.

[Kiss] You know what I’d like you to do. Grab it. Keep the knowingness that you are valuable in your heart. You are valuable.