Mindful Monday

No Comparison, Live Your Vision

There is no one that knows you better than You, so learn You more and trust you more.

Video Transcription

Hello. It’s me of course, RaShawn-Ren e, and it’s another Monday, and we get to have another mindful communication.

Hello Precious one, I’m so glad you’re here today. And today, we’re going to talk about comparing yourself to another, or you listening to someone else tell you the life you should be living.

I’m going to start this communication from page 146 of 44 Hours & 21 Minutes: A Woman’s Truth and Power. It reads; Little by little, I surrender my individuality and attempted to live the vision crafted for me. Being in a relationship with him meant I had to quell his paranoia that every man was trying to take me from him.

So, just that simple statement, communicated, I was willing to change myself to be with someone else. That’s what I was willing to do. Someone had a thought of the life I should live and thought I should be different than I was and I was willing to do that at that time, not anymore.

All of us, I think, right? I think I can make that statement, all of us at one time in our life have listened to someone tell us who we should be or what we should be doing. And we take their counsel, right? Yeah. And I’m here to offer you some new information. No one knows you better than you. No one has access to that deep reservoir of knowledge that lives within you, that communicates from your deepest knowing who you choose to be.

Now, the challenge is that many us don’t exercise that mental muscle of mindfulness to stay learning our real truth and how to live with power. But you are here, so you’ve already made the decision to do differently, to stand in your real truth, to learn your real truth and to do it with power.

And let me share about comparison. Oftentimes we compare ourselves to others. I want to say, don’t do it. You can look at another and say, Oh my gosh, I like when she does, or I like what he does or– No comparison. Simply observe, decide it’s a quality that you wanted to have, learn how to have that quality and develop it, and then it’s yours. Not from a place of comparison. From the place that I made a self-honoring choice to do that.

So as I conclude this communication, remember you are unique and you are magnificent. You need not compare yourself to anyone and that you hold the best vision for your life.

With this video, I am giving you a big [Kiss], grab it, put it in your heart and keep it there. See you later.