Wisdom Wednesday

Loving Through the Seemingly Hard Heartiday Season

Experience joy and loving this Heartiday Season. We understand this Heartiday Season is seemingly difficult for many…. Which is why on today’s #WisdomWednesday LIVE with RaShawn-Renée, we are only talking about the things that add love to your life, bring You joy, and add a smile to your face and your heart.

Video Transcription



So, the reason that I’m always dancing when you come to see me and when I get to see you is because the beautiful song and the graphic that you see is exactly what I’m looking at before you get here. And it makes me feel so good. I hope that it makes you feel as good as it makes me. That’s it. I love it. I love it.

And what I mean when I say I love it, what I mean is it adds joy to my heart to know that we created something to give to you, the graphic, the music that the energy behind it, the intention behind it, the objective behind it is to add joy and add a smile to your face. And for that, I use the word love. So I do love it.

So thank you for being here today for another Wisdom Wednesday. We’re so glad that you joined us and so much to share today. So let’s just get right into it.

Right now, we’re in the holiday season and here at Real Truth International and in our family, we call it the HEARTiDAY SEASON. And the HEARTiDAY SEASON is exactly as it sounds. It’s heart to heart connection. Because that’s really what this season is all about. It’s about connecting your heart with those that you love and with those that you don’t.

So during this time of the year, we often find ourselves giving more, being more philanthropic, giving to organizations that we might not give to throughout the year, sharing what we have with people that we might not have shared with earlier or throughout the year. And you do it because of your heart, your heart wants to give and so you do it.

Well, in addition to that this year, we’re going to have a different heart connection because many of us won’t be with those that we love. Many of us won’t be able to experience the physical joy of having our family members and close friends around us or the physical joy that we experience when going to feed those in the shelters or to feed those that are experiencing homelessness. Many of us won’t be doing that this year.

So there are a lot of changes this year that give us the illusion that maybe we won’t be as joyful, maybe we won’t be able to connect to our heart as much. And what I want to talk about today is the beautiful opportunity to have more joy, more joy this season than last season or any other season before if you allow it.

Right before you came on, I looked up the term, ‘Joy’, the word, ‘Joy’ from the dictionary. Because I wanted to read it exactly as it’s written. And it says, Joy: A feeling of great pleasure and happiness or a thing that causes joy or to simply rejoice. That’s the definition of joy.

So that definition alone is communication. That happiness starts where? Inside of you. Joy starts where? Inside of you. To rejoice means what? It comes from within you.

So you have the capacity and you have everything you need to make sure that this season, although you might not be with those that you want physically to be with you and so you can experience joy.

So let’s have a joy fest right now.

If you read the email that came to you before I have come to you live, then it said, bring things that add joy to your day. It said, let’s talk about joy. So that’s what we’re going to do.


So I brought a few things that make me feel joyful. I’m wearing something that makes me feel joyful, that connects me to my family. So this lovely pin that I’m wearing here is from my great-grandmother, who gave it to her daughter, who was my grandmother. And then my mother gave it to me. So how beautiful that right now I get that feeling of joy when I think about those women. My grandmother and great-grandmother are no longer here on the planet and my great-grandmother passed away when I was four. However, just wearing something that was hers makes me think about her life, even though I don’t know much about it. And then it makes me think, how cool would it have been if she were here right now and I get to really know her as a woman, woman to woman.

So that brings me joy, just the thought of that. Not sorrow, like ah, but wow. And then I think about my grandmother, who I knew all of my life from little bit until maybe about 15 years ago.

So I think how happy she would be to be watching Wisdom Wednesday. And I think about the deposit that she made in my life and my mom, I think about her who is still vibrantly alive, you know, navigating everything and everybody. And I think, wow, how lovely that she and I are good friends, how lovely that she’ll be watching this video. So, Joy.

So I tell you those stories to say, I share that little snippet of information to say, you can find something in your home that connects you to your family and allow that to give you joy during the season. Do everything that you can to add more joy. What brings you joy? That’s what I want to know. And that’s what you want to know for yourself so that you can bring it into yourself during this HEARTiDAY SEASON.

Something else I brought in was a note. So not so long ago or really kind of long ago, it was before COVID. My love, my honey went to get a latte for me from a coffee shop in our neighborhood. And when I came back home, this is before he made my lattes. Now he makes lattes for me. Then he used to pick up lattes for me.

So I came home and there was the latte and there was a napkin next to the latte that sad, “I love you.” I thought what a precious man I am married to. And that napkin, the paper napkin didn’t mean anything, but his writing on the napkin and putting it next to my latte meant everything and it brings me joy. So now it’s framed.

So during this season I have decided to put so much around me that adds joy because in the dynamic of our family, on Christmas day, we have a ginormous Christmas celebration usually, but it won’t happen this year.

Usually we start the morning together, late morning about 10 and we’re together all day. And it’s the immediate family, it’s the extended family, it’s friends, it’s people that we care about. It’s people, sometime people that we’re newly acquainted with through someone else that doesn’t have a family to share the holiday season with, so we invite them to come to us and we won’t be doing any of that this year. And we have really had to adjust.

My mother particularly, it has been very challenging for her, but I recommend to her what I say to you, surround yourself with things that bring you joy, think about them, the thing, the person that gave you the thing and why it brings you joy. And then to the definition of the word, happy, rejoicing, the inside out job, right? You’ll experience it.

So then I brought something else for us to look at. There’s a precious little girl who’s seven, she’s the coauthor of 44 Hours & 21 Minutes: A Woman’s Truth and Power. And on mother’s day, she gave this to me and it reads, “All you need is love”, and she’s right. All you need is love. This brings me so much joy. So it’s around, so that I feel that sense of joy during this HEARTiDAY SEASON instead of feeling otherwise, because of course we can feel otherwise.


However, when you make the choice to not tap into that which brings you joy, when you make the choice to not tap into that which brings you happiness, when you make the choice to just stay in a state of static, you’re also telling yourself that everything outside of you controls you, you give your power away and that is not what you’re here to do. You’re here to live in your power.

Oh, I like when questions are coming in. Okay. Let’s see what they say. You know I have to bring my glasses to see what the questions are.

However, you are here to really stand in your power.

And this lovely woman just sent in communication that says, “What brings me joy is just having sent groceries for Christmas to my family who live below the poverty line. Growing up, the Salvation Army would send us food for Christmas. This year, I got to make sure they had food.”

Is that beautiful, right? Look at what this beautiful woman did, who just sent that in? She says– I really want to say her name, but I’m going to do an interview with her soon and when she comes on for the interview, I’ll tell you who she is. Because I didn’t ask permission if I could use her name because I didn’t know she would be here today.

So going back, because I digressed. You are here to live in your power and although that there are circumstances around us all the time that are communicating to us what we should feel, how we should feel and when we should feel it, you, me, we, have the power within us to do as we choose with our feelings.

So make certain that just because this year is a year that’s very different, just because this year you may not be with those that you’re choosing to be with, that your light doesn’t feel as bright, I want you to know absolutely, unequivocally, you can change that and you can let your light shine so bright that not that you won’t miss them, but what will happen is you will recognize for yourself, you will give yourself a Christmas present if you’re celebrating Christmas, a holiday present if you’re celebrating a holiday and a HEARTiDAY present if you are using our words, which means you approve to yourself, I am standing taller, my head’s up, my shoulders back and I realize I’m living in my power because I could have made the choice to have thoughts and feelings contrary to the thoughts that I’m having now, which are the thoughts that bring you happiness, right?

This is your unique time. Every day, every choice is your unique time. And particularly during this time. Use your power, use your power to bring forth that which lives within you, which is your innate joy and happiness, and to anchor you and to inspire you and to ascend you to that place where you really are feeling happiness, joyful, and bliss, bring those things around you that will do that.

And give more, whatever that looks like. That can look like a love note to someone. That can look like what this beautiful lady just wrote, giving groceries to someone that’s living beneath the poverty line. That can look like giving something that you didn’t expect. Recently, friends and I went and gave computers to an organization that is giving them directly to the children that cannot, or that would not have a computer. If we didn’t give it, I’ve never done that before.

And oh my gosh, the joy that I felt at that moment doing it, the joy that I’m experiencing right now just telling you, it was the act of giving that felt so good to me, right? Yes.

This other beautiful lady right now is delivering food to a woman who her children live in another state and she can’t fly to be with her children. Her children are not coming to her. So she’s going to her right now, she’s taking her miniature tree and a gift so that she can experience the loving of someone giving to her, the joy of someone giving to her.

So we have it all. We have our choices to make. So what choice are you making?

Well, I got something else to read. What choices are you making this HEARTiDAY SEASON? I want to know. I want to know what you’re doing to feel joy.

And before we go, I just want to remind you of three things. You are precious, you matter and what you do matters. So make certain that you take the time to give yourself an extra dose of loving, to give yourself an extra dose of joy and then allow that to ripple out and give it to all those around you however you decide, a phone call, a text message, a hand note to deliver groceries, to deliver a gift, whatever you decide, just allow yourself to feel the joy, the magnificence of who you are because you are precious, you matter and what you do matters. Got it? Good.

I’m glad that you were here today on this Wisdom Wednesday to talk about joy, to make sure you’re going to add joy, feel joy during this HEARTiDAY SEASON.

Happy Holidays, Happy HEARTiDAYs, Merry Christmas, blessings to you and your family, blessings to every person on the planet. And may this year, as we say goodbye to it, be beneficial teachings to all of us, to be more of who we are, to stand more in our power, to live more in our truth and to recognize the magnificence of you.

Let that be the end of this year. Okay? I’ll see you next week. You know what I want you to do? Grab it, put it in your heart and keep it there. Happy HEARTiDAYs precious ones. Bye for now.