Wisdom Wednesday

Resolve to Reveal

Are you accustomed to believing in the phrase, “New Year, New You”? The Real Truth is, there is no such thing as a NEW YOU…. there is only the REAL YOU. And THAT! Is freedom!

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Video Transcription

Hello and welcome to another Wisdom Wednesday. Hello. How are you? I’m so grateful that you’re here and just before going live, just seconds before going live, someone who is very dear to us just shared that their health diagnosis is a hundred percent clear. They are a champion of the embodiment of living your Real Truth, for standing up for what you know, knowing the Power of the mind, knowing the Power of what the mind and body can do when you’re in harmony with each other and knowing that there is no such thing as a new you but there’s only the you to reveal, there’s only the you to be the Real You.

So I am delighted to be here. I am especially excited because really seconds before the news came that he is completely clean, free, clear, and I would say more, but since he shared it with me first, I can’t say any more until he has the opportunity to tell other family and friends. So what a beautiful way to begin our conversation.

So again, hello beautiful people for being here today. Yes, it’s Wednesday. And this is our wisdom Wednesday.

So much to share with you, first, let me begin by saying thank you. Thank you for the emails. Thank you for the social media posts. Thank you for the private messaging what last week meant to you, that you would reveal more of you to me.

And so we’re gonna start this with what it says in the post and our social media posts today, it reads, something like, “New Year, New You”, right? And I’ve heard this forever. Have you heard this forever? Yes you have. Of course you have.

And it always comes to top of mind that there is no such thing as a new you. You are you, you are the magnificent you, you are the splendid you, you are the precious you, you are the dynamic you, you are the cherish you, you are the valuable you, you are the capable you.

Now, you might not be revealing any of that to yourself, but that is who you are. And with that awareness, I want to share with you today because we’re closing out this year and of course we’re moving into the New Year and you might think you need to be a new you. And I say, it’s not accurate.

The new you is really the real you. So maybe it’s time for you to focus on that, the real you; the you that has dreams that you haven’t said yes to yet, the you that wants to be more of your word, the you that wants to eat better, the you that wants to have a kinder communication with yourself and your self-talk, the you that knows that you’re capable of anything you put your mind to and you just don’t quite know what to put your mind to, the you that says, if I would just be more disciplined, I could do whatever it is, perhaps that’s the you that you’re ready to reveal. Because the real you, the you that whispers those dreams, the you that’s communicating to you that there’s more different, better. That’s the real you saying, Hey, I’m here. Let me come out, let me be all of you, me. That’s what’s really happening.

So you understand what I’m saying? Yes. There is nothing new to you. There’s only you to bring the real you forward.

I’m going to read something to you today from 44 Hours & 21 Minutes: A Woman’s Truth and Power, because this is where it all started from. Right? Real Truth, the company, the first book, all of that started with me realizing, recognizing that I needed to be the real me. Not that there was so much more to me than the me that I was living prior.

Once upon a time, my husband said to me, I was sharing with him some stories of my past and I was having a wonk, wonk, wonk about choices that I made. And he said, honey, you’ve always been who you are. There is nothing for you to feel ashamed about because who you are has always been, who you are, it’s just a matter of you showing up for you. And so the only thing that happened is that you showed up for yourself. So in essence, he was saying, I became the real me. I revealed me to me to be the real me.

And yes, you can keep your questions coming. I’m going to answer whatever you ask while we’re here. Thank you for asking them.

And, let me go to read what I wanted to read to you. And it’s all about being the real you, because the real you is so much better than trying to be another version of you, that someone else that you think you should be. Here we go for the reading.

During our date, I introduce Stephen to the real me, RaShawn Renee, the woman who had learned to wholly accept herself, knew her value and was aware she was the prize. I told him big and little stuff about me. I shared experiences that I felt shame about. I told him about my previous paradigm of being silent and hidden. And I even took off my shoes at the restaurant and sat with my feet under me and ate with my hands. I let him see all of me and I no longer felt that I needed to hide any of me.

So why do I read that to you at this moment? I read that to share that in the past, I had thought, oh, you can’t sit with your feet under you in a restaurant, that’s completely inappropriate and if you do that, people will think poorly of you, particularly if you’re on a date, the person you’re in a date with will think poorly of you, so you better not do that.

And yet I really enjoy sitting with my feet under me. So I wouldn’t allow myself to do it for a long time. And as I began to move into the real me, I decided that what I wanted to do, whenever I wanted to do it, that was not offensive to those around me, then I would do it. And when I say offensive, how I mean that is it’s not causing any harm to anyone because people have opinions about, everyone has an opinion, right? I’m sure some people would think, oh that was completely inappropriate for you to take your shoes off under the table in the restaurant and sit with your feet under you. And for those people that think it’s inappropriate, then they shouldn’t do it. But for me, if I want to do it, I’m going to do it.

So, when you show up as the real you, it is the secret sauce. It is the magic. You become the honey and all the bees come to you. That means that your personal relationships, your professional relationships and your relationship with yourself, not plural, just the relationship you have with you is better. You become so much more attractive because you become comfortable in your own skin because you really get to know who you really are. And you aren’t trying to hide any aspects of yourself to impress or please or hide any of you. You take full ownership of yourself. So as we close out this year with the celebration of the holidays, with thinking about a new year and all the possibilities of that year, consider bringing forward the real you, the real you that can stand, head up, shoulders back, and with every step, knowing that you’re making a self-honoring choice. The real you, that has a voice that wants to be heard, the real you that wants to love differently, more, better, the real you that’s had pain that you haven’t known what to do with that you’ve decided you’re going to really let it go.

Be the real you. You don’t have to be anyone else. Because as I said, at the top of this call, you, the real you is magnificent, the real you is dynamic and the real you is the best version of you. So I am pleased that you are here and it is my hope, my wish, my prayer, and the blessing that I give you that for you and your family, your friends, for your friends of friends, for your families that have other family, may this holiday season and may this upcoming year be the time that you get to step in to the real you.

Love yourself more, learn yourself more, learn self-honoring choices, and for all of you, friends, family, everything I just said, be the Real Truth, live the Real Truth with the power of who you are. That’s what I love for you.

So your takeaway this Wednesday is, you exactly as you are right now is good. And the you that’s inside that’s yearning to come out is great. So let the real you out and have so much fun and play and enjoy with you.

You know what I’m going to do now because it’s time to wrap up, grab it, put it in your heart, keep it there and remember, the real you is magnificent. See you next Wednesday. Bye for now.