Mindful Monday

Through Conditioning, Your Character is Developed

A heart engaging communication that speaks to the necessity of you being better, more, and/or different.

Video Transcription

Hello and Happy Day. Happy Wisdom Wednesday. Today is Wisdom Wednesday.

Welcome to Wednesday wisdom. Thank you for being here today.

Well, I am so grateful that you’re here today, so please, that we get to talk about your choices. And if you’re here, the likelihood is that you received an email or you saw us on social media and we have big questions for you to unpack in that email. So let’s go through them together. I have them right here. So I make sure to ask them in the sequence that you received them.

So what are you ready for? What are you choosing for yourself? And you know, it’s just two choices. Okay? So are you choosing more love in your life or more hate? What’s your choice, more love or more hate? Are you choosing more peace or more war? You get to decide, more peace or more war? Are you choosing to have more bounty, to be more bountiful, more prosperous? Or are you choosing scarcity and limit? Are you choosing to thrive or are you choosing to suffer? Choices. Each question post gave options and with those options, whatever you decide, however you choose, it’s what you’re going to bring into your life.

So here’s the wisdom. What you think about, what you’re focused upon, what you give your energy to, is what manifests even more in your life. And if you do it long enough, it becomes rooted and a consistent part of your life.

So if you choose more love, then you are choosing to be more loving. If you choose peace, then you’re choosing to be more peaceful, peaceful with the thoughts that you’re thinking about yourself and about others, loving with how you show up for yourself and for others.

And what does that look like? Because we hear those words, but what does it really look like to love yourself more, to be more loving to yourself?

Well, one example is what just happened here in the very beginning, technology went fury and then all of a sudden hear so much noise, all of a sudden, just as weird. So I could have chosen to do some beat up like, Oh my gosh, how could I have prepared for this technology not to go wrong? How could I have prepared so that we wouldn’t hear all those sounds in the background? I could have totally beat myself up.

But instead of you saw in real time, you saw right here. Things happened, it didn’t change my excitement from being here with you, makes me go, hmm, was there anything that I could have done differently and I’ll figure that out. And then if there is, I will do it. And it just looks like a learning opportunity. How beautiful is that?

And I can wholeheartedly say that at one point in my life, it would not have been that way. I would have done the beat up. Because I didn’t know how to be loving with myself or to myself, which also meant that I really didn’t know how to truly do that to another. It was all topical.


And if you want to be more peaceful, how are you more peaceful with yourself? Your self-talk is another way of being peaceful. How you hold yourself, how you think about yourself.

So peaceful falls into the same understanding and self-talk as loving. Peace is, Oh my gosh, I didn’t make that right turn and I should have, and you’re so upset. And so now you’re speeding down the street so you can get to the next block to turn. Somebody cuts in front of you, you’re already upset that you missed your turn. So now you’re extra upset that the person cut in front of you, although they had their indicator on and there wasn’t, I said cut, but they just got in front of you. It was a totally safe pass. And you’re upset. And you spew unkind things in your mind and maybe out of your mouth to them.

So that’s not an act of peacefulness. That’s an act of warring against something, someone, and you don’t have to do that. Instead, you missed the right turn, you acknowledge. I missed the right turn, wasn’t paying attention. Oh, this person wants to get over, sure, they can get over. Because I’m going to get where I’m going safely. I’m not going to stress. If I’m going to be a couple of minutes late, maybe that means I should have left a couple of minutes earlier. Yeah. Peacefulness within you.

How are you thinking about things that arise? Are you thinking about them from a point of contention or are you bringing peace to them? Are you with me? Yes. I know you are. And then I asked if you want to be more bountiful or if you want to stay in a place of scarcity and I’m not just talking about finances, I’m talking about every area of your life. Because when you’re a bountiful, when you are prosperous, what happens, it shows up in all areas of your life.

If you’re bountiful in your creativity, then isn’t it amazing how the more creative you become or if you’re already bountiful financially, isn’t it astonishing just how much more money comes to you or if you’re bountiful in your loving, it is miraculous how much more love comes. And the same thing as applicable to scarcity.

Remember at the very beginning, I said, what you’re thinking about, what you’re focused on, that’s what’s going to manifest in your life. That’s what takes root into your life. So if you have a scarcity mentality, if your thoughts are, wow, I’m afraid of something bad happening, or I am afraid that someone’s going to hurt me. If the thinking is always less than, if it’s punitive, if it’s not expansive and nurturing, then it just becomes less and less until there’s almost nothing there. You get to choose that.


And then I asked if you want to thrive or do you want to suffer? So many. I was having a talk about this but you’ll see, people like to talk about what’s not working in their life. They like to talk about the things that are kind of wonk, wonk, wonk, instead of the things that bring them joy, the things that support them in thriving, the things that they feel competent about, the things that add a smile to their face. Those aren’t the usual topics of conversation. It’s something else.

And do you hear that everything that I’m saying is a choice, because you are with you all the time and you get to choose your thoughts and what you’re focused on.

You heard me say last week, choice points. At every moment, we are at a choice point and our responsibility to our self is to learn to make self-honoring choices. And the self-honoring choice is a choice that honors who you and who you are developing into.

So for example, if you’re going to be more loving, more peaceful, thrive and be bountiful, then you make choices that emulate those things. So for example, you’re having a disagreement with your partner and something comes to mind that you want to say to your partner that you know will be really hurtful and in the moment because you’re heated and you really want to say it, but then you remember what you’re choosing in your life. You’re choosing love, you’re choosing peace, you’re choosing to thrive, you’re choosing to be bountiful.

You swallow those words. You don’t say them because they don’t contribute to anything that you want to add to your life. So you figure out another way to communicate exactly what you want to express without hurting the person you care about or any person without hurting someone else, because what, what it does for you, it honors you, it honors who you’ve decided that you are and who you are choosing to be. It’s a self-honoring choice.

And if you were with us a couple of weeks ago, we talked about once you decide who you are or who you want to be, then it’s so important who you have in your ear. Like right now in my ear, in addition to talking to you, there’s somebody that’s hammering or something that’s going on right now. See? Yeah, there’s a lot going on today.

So am I going to beat myself up? No. Am I going to say, is there something I could have done differently to prevent this from happening? Yes. That I already think about the resolve, now the solution. Yes. So that’s what I’m going to do so I will never have to hear, or maybe not never, but most likely will never have to hear again someone else pounding, banging when I’m talking to you.

So I digressed a little because this is experiential communication, right? Because it happens, choice point. Just now I made a choice point to share with you what was going on in the moment. And you could see how I am relating to it in the moment.


So, choices, choices, choices. You are always deciding who you are. You’re always teaching yourself who you are if you honor you or not. You are always showing others how to treat you by the way you treat and regard yourself. So choose wisely, beautiful and precious person. Make the choices that are self-honoring. Make the choices that are going to make you feel good about you. Make the choices that are what you want to see in your life. Make the choices they make you stand with your head up, your shoulders back, knowing that every step you’re taking is one of self-honor.

You choose. Okay?

So the wisdom for the week and the wisdom that I hope you keep with you for all the days of your life and share it with every person you know, is to make choices based upon who you are, who you want to be and what you’ve chosen to see in your life.

All that to say, make self-honoring choices and watch your life ascend higher, expand wider, deepen, and seeing yourself experience yourself having a fulfilling life. Okay?

That’s what we have for you today. This is your Wisdom Wednesday. Thank you for being here and have a beautiful rest of your day. And I’ll see you soon.

[Kiss] You know what I’d like for you to do? Grab it, put it in your heart, the wisdom of this communication for you to make self-honoring choices and keep it there. See you soon. Bye!