Mindful Monday

Who Taught You How to Live with Character

A Heart-Connecting engagement that speaks to character; the choice when taught, modeled and rewarded.

Video Transcription

Hello, Happy Day, Happy Mindful Monday.

And I’ve got a question that only you have the answer for, and here’s the question: What is it, what’s your one thing, what’s the one thing that you’re saying yes to for yourself in 2021? What is it? Do you want to have a better relationship with yourself? Do you want to eat differently? Do you want to improve a relationship in your life? Are you calling love into your life? Do you want to know how to play a new instrument? Do you want to get your finances in order? Do you want to speak with more conviction? Do you want to own, really own yourself? What is it? What do you want to do for 2021?

This is your time to decide and don’t be afraid of it. If it’s something that you feel is so big that it’s been calling you for a long time, say yes to it now. It is your time. And once you’ve made that decision, like make it now. Once you’ve made that decision, you know what it is, make it now.

Then after you’ve made the choice, then choose one thing, one thing that would move you in the direction of that choice, just one. And then tomorrow, choose another one. And the day after, choose another one. Just one. It doesn’t have to be anything ginormous. It could be one thing. It could be writing a letter. It could be sending an email. It could be writing a text. It could be writing out what that does for your life when you bring that into your life. But you got to do one thing, consistency. That’s your pathway. Okay?

And once you achieve that one thing, you’re going to feel so much more accomplished within yourself. You’re going to feel more proud of yourself. You’ll be able to walk even more steadily in yourself in the awareness of who you are.

I like to say with your head up, your shoulders back and every step knowing that it’s self-honoring. That’s what happens when you choose for you.

So choose the one thing and then choose to take a step. Just take a step. It’s in you to do it. Really, do it. Okay? Yes.

I would like for you to grab it, put love, honor and your choosing in your heart and keep it there. Bye for now.