Mindful Monday

Trust = Love

In today’s Mindful Monday, RaShawn-Ren’ee learn why real Love can only be present when there is real Trust.

Video Transcription

Hello and happy day precious, beautiful, magnificent splendid, amazing, dynamic you.

Yeah, take all of that in, take every bit of that in because it is for you.

So today on Mindful Monday, we’re going to talk about something we all need, actually something we really can’t live without, and it’s called trust. Trust, we all need it.

I love the synchronicity in life. This morning, someone sent to me a beautiful message and in the message, it said, “When a baby is thrown up in the air, they laugh, they giggle because they know you’re going to catch them, that’s trust.”

And I thought, wow, look at the synchronicity of life, how beautiful that I will receive that today and I’m making this video for you today about trust.

So what’s so important about trust, as I said at the top of this video, we all need it. And I said, we can’t live without it and how I mean that is, it’s not that we can’t exist without it, it means that our lives are not fulfilled without it, so you’re not fully living if you don’t have trust.

And how do you have trust? How do you gain trust? How are you trustworthy? Those are the things that we’re going to talk about in the bite-sized pieces so that you can take this information, embody it and apply it to your life.

To be able to trust, you have to be trustworthy. If you’ve been around for a little while, you know that it all starts with you. Everything starts with you first. So if you find yourself judging others, judging not even just people, things and that you aren’t trusting of people, situations, experiences, I invite you to look inside of yourself and ask yourself, where is it that you don’t trust yourself.

In Real Truth, we talk about excavation, now we don’t actually just talk about it, we teach it. Excavation, examination and releasing. And what’s often found when the You-EES go through this process is that their fundamental seeding didn’t allow them to trust, so their bridge of trust is broken.

So why am I telling you that? I’m telling you, because if you’ve never lived in an environment that you could be wholly trusted, trusting in, that it’s almost impossible for you to trust now until you excavate, examine and release that conditioning.

So today I’m inviting you to make yourself trustworthy so that you can trust others. And the way you do that is honoring yourself. Start being especially mindful of the words that you’re saying, the commitments that you’re making. And if at any time you have to say something different than what you’ve said before, acknowledge that and do it, build your muscle of trust for yourself and then that permeates outwardly. You will become trustworthy, you will be able to trust yourself and others will trust you. I like to say that trust equals love, because it does. So trust yourself, trust yourself. Okay?

That’s what I got for you today. Have a beautiful rest of the day. [Kiss] Grab it. That’s trust. Put it in your heart and remind yourself to be trustworthy.