Wisdom Wednesday

Woman to Woman: Is Competition Necessary?

This Wisdom Wednesday, RaShawn-Renée goes live to examine the conditioning that has informed You of whether women are nurturers and lovers or fighters and dividers.

Video Transcription

Hello and happy Wednesday. Happy Wisdom Wednesday. I am so glad you’re here. I am so excited. I said, I’m happy, I’m excited, I’m grateful that you’re here. And today’s conversation, I’m just going to get right into it. This is a woman to woman conversation. This is a put your panties on, your big girl panties on young ladies. And if you are a man listening to this, then this is the video for you to share with the women that you care about. And if you don’t have the opportunity to share it with them, then communicate this information to them. This is real talk on Wisdom Wednesday.

And ladies, you got to stop, stop right now. Stop the competition amongst yourselves. Stop the competition amongst yourselves, that’s what I said. Here we are, these beautiful, nurturing, loving creatures who have for whatever reason decided to be dividers and fighters. Not your nature, not who you are. You are a nurturer. You are a lover. You are a builder. You are a creator of legacy. That’s what you are.

So there’s no reason for you to fight among another woman. There’s no reason for you to divide yourself from another woman, ever, period, never, point blank.

And let’s unpack this for a while. We are so often told, and we are conditioned. It is societal conditioning that women are taught, “Oh, you can’t trust another woman. Oh, you have to be concerned about her. Oh, you have to…” And the most often, commentary is negative, it’s woman against woman.

Well, as you examine your nature, as you look into your heart, as you examine who you really are, you will come to understand that you are a nurturer and a lover. You are a builder of nations, meaning that people come together because of who you are. You are a legacy creator, meaning that what you put into the world touches generations. So stop, stop the competition. Stop the pettiness.

And if there is a woman who you dislike, there are people that we’re going to dislike. You do not have to tear her down. You do not have to betray her. You can simply not have her in your company at all. You do not have to be the woman that is always dividing other women. It’s not who you are. It’s not your nature.

And as I’m talking about this with you right now, I want you to ask yourself, have you ever been betrayed by a woman? Have you ever been made to feel less than by another woman? And if your answer is yes to either of those questions, then why would you ever do it to another?

So often I have said, you know, infidelity can stop right now, just like that. You know why? Because it takes two to tango in the bed. So if a woman knows that the man she is going to bed with is with another woman, they just don’t do it. Stop and make him value you and honor you. And when he’s complete with the woman, then he comes to your bed. Not while still entangled.

Now, as I said this, please know, you know my story, you’ve read the book, many of you, 44 Hours & 21 Minutes: A Woman’s Truth and Power. And if you haven’t, get it, you’ll hear my story in there relating to this very subject that I’m talking about, where I chose to be on the side of a man instead of the woman and then I chose to be on the side of the woman eventually. But my point is no matter where you are in your life, there never has to be competition with another woman. I’m not talking about competitive sports. I’m talking about real life.


You can agree to disagree. You can always choose the higher road. And the higher road is the nature of who you are. So the next time you feel like speaking harshly about another woman, the next time you feel like you’re in competition with another woman, the next time you feel like you want to Celie another woman verbally, remind yourself that you are a nurturer, you are a lover and you can simply disagree, not engage, and you do not have to compete because you alone are unique, you are valuable, you are precious and magnificent.

And so you can allow her to be her unique self, you to be your unique style. The two paths never have to cross actually. Do you understand what I’m saying? Yes. Beautiful.

I really want you to get that because lately I’ve been hearing a lot of communication of women talking against each other, and it’s just not a necessary part of our society. We don’t need to be that way. We can be the nature of who we are. We can let go of the conditioning that tells us that we have to compete with each other. We can let go of the conditioning that tells us that you are above another. We can let go of the conditioning that if she’s not paying attention to her man, then you’ll get him. We can let go of all those little things that pass through our conditioning, societal like familial and be the nature of who we are.

So ladies, I want you to stop and embrace your fellow sister. And for all of us that have beautiful women in our lives, why don’t we take the time today to reach out to at least one of them and say, thank you for being a woman in my life who I appreciate. Let’s do that today. Okay? You got it. Okay. I’m looking at you. I’m gonna know, things come to me all the time. Let’s take the pulse at our societal structure and see if we can just stop competing with each other. It’s not necessary. Really, let us be the nurturers and the lovers that we are, not the dividers and fighters that conditioning tells us to be.

That’s all for today. Thank you very much for being here. Use this bite sized piece of wisdom to go through your day, your tomorrow and all your tomorrows thereafter, to up level your life. Oh, that was a big swallow, huh?

Okay. I’ll see you soon. Have a beautiful rest of the day. Bye for now.

[Kiss] You know what I want you to do with that kiss? Grab it, put it in your heart, keep it there. And today’s kiss is you calling yourself forward to be the woman of loving and nurturing that you are, to be that for yourself, for all the women that are in your life and for all the women around the world. Let us call one another forth as we call ourselves forth, to be the nurturers and lovers that we are. Bye for now.