Wisdom Wednesday

Are you ready for your dreams to come true?

It’s like opening a beautifully wrapped box and there it is….
On this Powerful Wisdom Wednesday, RaShawn-Renee shares the power of dreams and how to manifest them.

There’s factual data that supports this quote by Albert Einstein:
‘Imagination is more important than intellect’

Video Transcription

Hello Hello hello and happy Wednesday! Happy Wisdom Wednesday!
I am so happy that you’re here! I am so excited for us to be together.
I’m always excited for us to be together, but today particularly I’m excited because I’m going to tell you what I wish someone had told me like forever ago that I didn’t know until I knew it…. And it was something I had heard many times. OH! Let me calm down and say, It’s me! RaShawn-Renee, and I’m really grateful that you’re here to take in this bite sized peace of wisdom to apply it to your life so that you can have a more fulfilling life.

Okay? That’s what I want you to do every Wisdom Wednesday. We, I am and when I say we, I mean the team, the person that supports in the production of this video, all the people behind the scenes, all of the Youee’s in our community, EVERYONE is here for You. because we all want you to know what we know, which is that you can, you can create the life of your desire. You can have a fulfilling life. You can right now, take the next step into your grandeur. That’s what I always want you to remember and particularly when you are with us in anyway, on a Mindful Monday, on a Wisdom Wednesday, in one of our programs, whatever it is, I want you to know, You Matter and that we are here for you. So that You can have the life you desire.
Okay? Okay!

So now I got to tell you what we’re going to talk about today, we are talking about imagination! How powerful imagination is. How powerful your dreams are. Many of us have heard the quote by Albert Einstein:
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
That’s something to be said. And let’s consider that for a moment.
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
In a recent article I read on imagination and brain, it was talking about the neuroplasticity of the brain and how in any time in our life we can learn something new. And for so long it was thought at a certain age you couldn’t learn many new things, that your patterns in your brain were just – that’s what they were, there was no new information that was going to stick and that’s not accurate

And so the article went on to talk about the power of imagination. And it focused on Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in the article. I was fascinated by the data and I want to share it with you because when I finish communicating with you, I want you to do what I have done because it works. And I was doing it before I even knew it consciously, I was doing it but I wasn’t doing it consistently and because I wasn’t doing it consistently. My results were inconsistent. So what I’m going to share with you, do it consistently – it works!

And as I was thinking about you and preparing what I was going to say to you mentally, it came to me that years ago, years and years ago, I had a group of people in my living room, in my loft downtown where I was actually teaching the Power of Imagination and visualization and we used to do vision boards and many of them now I am still so -uhm- engaged with that most of them -most of them, because they reminded me so, are living what they put on the vision board and they give me credit for teaching me how to use the vision board and to really live in their imagination. I completely forgot about that.
Okay, i know I’m telling you a lot today and it’s because I’m excited.
So here it is, you’re imagination is another way of saying

What are you dreaming about?
What vision are you holding for your life?
Many of us, me included, sometimes don’t know exactly what we want, until we do. And what I just shared with you is before i was haphazardly using my imagination. It’s all of our super power: our imagination.
And now that I consciously use it, I continuously watch my dreams manifest. I want you to have your dreams manifest. So this is what you’re going to do, from this day forward, okay? From this day forward! What I’m going to ask you to do is START with the end in mind. What is it? How do you want your home environment to look? What type of relationship do you want to have? How do you want to look? How do you want to feel about You? All of that can be part of your dream for you to put into your imagination.

So today, and while I’m speaking you can actually do it right now, while I’m speaking. Think of one thing, just one thing that you’d absolutely like to see in your life. Think about it now – do you have it? Okay.

Now that one thing that you’d absolutely like to have in your life, see what it looks like. Like, if you said…. Uhm, I want to be a Millionaire. We’ll just pick that, what does your life look like when you’re a millionaire. Grab a vision of that. Are you doing it? Whatever it is that you said, cause you’re only focusing on one thing.

So now, now that you know what that one thing is, and now that you are seeing what you’re life looks like, when that one thing happens, that’s gonna be your focus.

That’s what you’re going to keep thinking about.
That’s what youre going to keep bringing into the forefront of your mind.
That’s what you’re going to meditate on – and when I say meditate, I am not saying you have to go sit down and be silent, however that does work! – what I’m saying is think about it all the time. Let it be a part of your day to day experience. You seeing yourself with being, doing, whatever it is your end result is.

So let’s go back to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs….
So what it said in the article is – imagine if bill gates never thought about a computer, the way we now live, the way I’m able to communicate to you right now is in part because of his imagination. If Steve Jobs had never thought about the phone in the way that we use our smart phones, we would not have the smart-phones that we have now. That came from imagination. Think about there was one time that no one flew anywhere – because we didn’t have airplanes. Airplanes were born from imagination. The article goes on to say something I really never thought about: that just about every thing, everything in our society is because it has been imagined. So imagination touches our life every day.

So use your imagination. Use your super Power. Let your dream come true. See the end in mind. See yourself the way that you want to see yourself – imagine yourself with the life that you are choosing to have. Do it today, and once you do, do it every day
And allow every day – every day you spend time with your dreams.
Okay? Please. And then tell me. Tell me comment, comment to our Facebook, direct message me, whatever you have to do, just let me know – actually let me know today. Today today today that you’ve decided that you’re going to focus on your dream.
That you’re going to use your imagination and see your life as you choose it to be. You’ve got the power. You’ve got the super power, actually, so do it, okay?
You have them because they are for you to live. It’s true!

Okay! That’s all I’m going to share with you today…. I look so forward to seeing you next week – or before and *kiss* I want you to grab that kiss, put it in your heart, know that I so appreciate you being here. And know that you have the super power and you can live your dream. Okay? Okay!
I’ll see you soon – bye for now!