Mindful Monday

Why Lying is a Part of You Life

In today’s Mindful Monday, RaShawn-Renée shares why lying is a part of your life.

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Video Transcription

Hi it’s me RaShawn-Renee, and this is Mindful Monday and I want you to really lean into what I’m about to say to you today, because this one bit of information will change everything in your life. Meaning it will make you have a better relationship with every person that you have relationships with. It will make you have a better relationship with yourself. And it will free you mentally and emotionally, just doing this one thing. So really lean into what I’m about to say to you. 

Shame. Are you carrying shame right now? Is there anything in your life that you’re holding yourself hostage for? And the way you’re holding yourself hostage is to still carry shame about something you did a year ago, ten years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago or yesterday? 


You know it’s really interstesing, when I’m traveling around the world and I ask the question: ‘Who holds shame?’ almost 100% of the audience, raises their hand. 

And with shame, comes lies. With shame comes self-betrayal. With shame comes not honoring yourself. It’s so important for you to let go of the shame that you’re carrying. Like really lean into this, take this in and do it for yourself so that you have a better relationship with you and everybody else in your life.

Shame is for your learning, yes it happened – can’t change the past but what you can do is change your now and your future. So I want to encourage you today to go into the mirror, right after you finish looking at this and whatever the thing is that you’re holding the most shame about, speak it outloud to yourself and then say:

I forgive myself. And then place your hand over your heart and say it again and then say to yourself “I forgive myself” and feel your heartbeat change when you say it. And say it four times “I forgive myself” and say what the shame is “I forgive myself” 

And when you finish, you have just taken the first step of having a more honest relationship with yourself and with everyone else in your life. 

Don’t let shame hold you hostage. 

Don’t let shame be that which suppresses you living a fulfilling life. 

Allow the Truth of you – which means to learn you more so that you can love you more. 

Be the way you navigate yourself through you life, okay?

And what I am speaking to you about right now, I know first hand -not just because of the clients that I have taken through a process to help them release their shame, but because once upon a time in my life, I was riddled with shame. Yeah, truly. And now, it’s all gone. So, let go of your shame. Okay precious one? *kiss* that’s a kiss for you of course, grab it, put it in your heart, and what you’re putting in your heart is more loving for you and you’re releasing your shame.

AND! It just came to me, to support you in releasing your shame, download our complimentary e-book: Learn You More, Love You More so it can support you in navigating the self-talk that comes up when you’re releasing the shame.

Okay, that’s all for now, I’ll see you next time! Bye for now.