Mindful Monday

What do You, Beyonce, President Biden and RaShawn-Renée have in common?

In today’s Mindful Monday, RaShawn-Renée shares the one step to take you from ‘desire’ to ‘manifest.’

Video Transcription

Hello Hello Hello and Happy Day! It’s me RaShawn-Renee and it’s Mindful Monday! Thank you for being here and let’s talk about it. 

Oh! but before we talk about it, I have a question.

What do you think Beyonce, Bill gates, You, Me, Joe Biden all have in common? What do you think that is? -Desire! We all have desire. And we’ve all made our desires manifest at some time or another. So, before Beyonce became the megastar she is, she had to want it. It was of Spirit. 

Do you know that Desire, the original definition, means of spirit? Before Joe Biden became President, he had to desire it. Before I became an international best seller – I just wanted to write a book! There she is, 44 Hours and 21 Minutes A Woman’s Truth and Power. And now I’ve co-authored several books after that. 

So what’s your desire? What do you desire? Because whatever it is, you can have it. You can have what you desire. 

So let’s focus on your desires right now. Pick one, let it come to mind, pick one, just one. Pick one right now. Do you have it? Great! 

Now I want you to take that desire, write it down, put it on a stick-em. Write it several times actually, on several stick-ems. And then post them around your home. And if you are at work, post it in your work area. And if you’re in your car, post it in your car. Have your desire, your one desire, the one that’s very important to you right now, have that desire where you can see it often. 

Before  44 Hours and 21 Minutes A Woman’s Truth and Power was born, I had her title, her name, posted all around the house. All around the house. 

So when the publisher said, ‘ hey, we want to change that title….’ 

‘No, no, no’

I had the desire, the manifestation happened, and then she was born. So it was all a progression. And the first thing you have to do to make manifest your desires is claim it, look at it, let it be around you. So, write your desire down. Just one, pick one, several sick-ems, post them all around, claim your desire and let it become your reality. 

Ok? Okay! You’ve got an assignment. It’s for you! Do it!

Alright, that’s all for now *kiss*

I’d like for you to grab that kiss, put it in your heart, it’s your heart of desire coming into manifestation, do it. Write it. Claim it. Have it. Okay. I’ll see you very soon. Bye for now…