Mindful Monday

Is Stress Real?

Woman’s History Month ended March 31st and today, it’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

As we conclude the month that highlights the splendor and accomplishments of Woman, we walk into a month that’s spotlighting Sexual Assault. 

It’s heartbreaking to be aware that these numbers are on a rise….

And NOW, each of us can do our part to change them.

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Be Aware!

Do Your Part!

When you know better, you do better AND! You inspire OTHER to do the SAME! 

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Video Transcription

Hi, Happy Mindful Monday. So today we have to talk about something that -WOW. It’s uncomfortable and it’s necessary. You know we just finished this beautiful month called Women’s History Month where we got to celebrate the splendor and magnificence of woman.

 And now we move into this month that’s called sexual assualt awaress month. That’s what the month is called, Sexual Assualt Awareness. It’s been around for twenty years now. And so I looked it up to see ‘what are the statistics? What are we supposed to be spotlighting? What are we supposed to be aware of?” and I was gobsmacked when I learned some statistics – so I’m going to repeat as many of them as I can to you and i even have my notebook to the right of me just in case I need them though right now I feel pretty confident that I know them ALL. 

Every 73 Seconds, someone in America experiences sexual assault.

Every 73 seconds, which means by the time I finish speaking to you, at least two people will have been assaulted. 

1 out of 6 women have been raped or confronted with the possibility of rape. 

1 out of 6 men. 

And then, the most alarming, if that wasnt alarming enough, the 34% of girls under the age of 12 are raped. And then 66% between 12-17. Really, this is the society we’re living in. We have to change that. And I’ve asked myself from since a long time ‘what can I do to contribute to humanity? What can I do to make sure that every person is taken care of and what I came up with was Real Truth. And Real Truth has created this incredible curriculum called Step into the Grandeur of You. And Real Truth says you’ve got to know your Real Truth and Learn how to Live powerfully. And Real Truth says it’s imperative to be a Mother-to-Another. And Real Truth Says: when you’re making Self-Honoring Choicse, then you’re absolutely making choices that are taking care of you and those around you. 

So in this Mindful Monday, I’m inviting you, if you have not already chosen to come and Step into your Grandeur with us, you do it now. 

You do it now.

You do it now.

You do it now.

And, you do everything else you can. Ask yourself, what else can I do to diminish those numbers. This is our society, these are our children, this could be you. It could be me. It could be your mother, your sister, your aunt your friend. 

Every person, the article reads: EVERY PERSON HAS BEEN AFFECTED by Sexual Assault.

Astonishing, we have to change that. I’m doing my part. Join us at the course and then decide what else you can do to do your part. 

And if you’re someone that’s experienced sexual assault, we’re going to include some links below, use them, take care of you, okay? Take care of you. 

Okay. We have to change those numbers. Let’s do it together. 

I’ll see you soon, step into your grandeur. 

**blows kiss**

That’s a kiss for you to grab, put it in your heart, take care of yourself, learn your real truth, learn to live with power, make choices and decide what else you can do. Let’s do it together.