Mindful Monday

Mother’s Day is for EVERY Woman

In today’s Mindful Monday, RaShawn-Renée talks about the women in your life who have inspired you to be better, do better and give more. 

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and maybe you celebrated with your mother, maybe you spent it missing your mother or maybe you celebrated BEING a mother…


Mother’s Day is for EVERY Woman!

For the women in your life whose nurturing is like a plush blanket you can wrap yourself in.

For the women you know of, whose stories inspire and encourage you to recognize the Power of You inside of yourself. 

For the women whose warm kindness melts your tears away with a smile.

There are countless ways to be a Mother-to-Another, on this Mindful Monday, recall the moments you’ve received a mother’s loving and be inspired to Honor them by giving your loving to others…. 

be a Mother-to-Another!

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Video Transcription

Today what we’re talking about in this beautiful mindful monday is being a mother-to-another and the reason we’re talking about being a mother-to-another is because it’s so important. If you’ve been around for a while then you know that for two years we’ve been celebrating mother-to-another and how that came into existence is because i recognize that there are so many dynamic women that have not bore children but they give their loving to others and so they make it their mission to take care of other people they take care of their parents they take care of their niece their nephew they take care of their cousins their friends and rarely do they put the type of spotlight on themselves that they put on another they’re givers they’re nurturers and once i realized that i thought ‘wow! wouldn’t it be lovely to celebrate those women that are mother-to-another?’ and so we came up with being a mother-to-another and that’s why we celebrate and you heard me say last week that this is one of my favorite times of the year because i get to celebrate my mom and all the mothers in my life, all those beautiful dynamic women that laid the bread crumbs for me to follow because i admire them, respect them…. because i saw them with grit and tenacity…. because maybe i saw them not being the fullness of them and recognized that sometimes i wasn’t being the fullness of myself. So i share the origin of a mother-to-another with you today and i want to ask you are you a mother to mother-to-another or have you received mothering from another? who’s been that woman or who have been those women in your life from afar or close-up that have inspired you that when you needed a hand up their hand was out to pull you up that when you needed a hug they were there to give it and they could be there physically to give it or mentally and emotionally to give it who is it that you can call when you know that you need to have a voice in your ear that’s gonna put you on the straight and narrow when you are vacilating….

it’s a mother-to-another. so i want to encourage you today that for all the women that are in your life that have been mothering to you in any way take a pause today and think about them and send them loving and if you are inclined to reach out to them and then let us celebrate them put one name in the comment below or put several names we’ll celebrate each one that you tell us and then if you’re feeling super inspired go to the complimentary resource section on our website there’s the ebook titled learn you more love you more in the last section of the ebook there are a series of love letters copy the love letters write it hand write it by hand word for word or print it and there’s a place for you to sign your name and send it however you choose to celebrate yourself for being a mother to another are those that have been a mother to another for you do it this is the time this is the time to celebrate all the mothers in the world biologically or mentally and emotionally not or and or mentally and emotionally thank you for being here for this mindful monday the intention of this communication today is for you to be mindful of all the mothers in your life and i’ll see you on wednesday for wisdom wednesday so you can get the deposit of wisdom for your week

that’s a kiss grab it put it in your heart it’s for all the mothers that have loved you that have made a deposit in your life and for all of those that you love and who you make a deposit in their life

okay okay