Wisdom Wednesday

Teaching Is A Work of HEART

The saying by Maya Angelou, you teach people how to treat you is accurate. I like to add to that by saying, ‘the way you treat you, is the way other people will treat you.’

So the question to ask yourself at this moment is how do you treat yourself and how are you teaching others to treat you?

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Video Transcription

Hello! it’s Wisdom Wednesday and we have something to talk about, at your heart that’s what we’re talking about today on this beautiful wisdom wednesday hello thank you for joining us it’s me rashaun renee and your heart matters that’s what we’re talking about the title is today what teaching is a work apart and what we mean by that at real truth and what we want you to take away are the abcs and the one two threes of really engaging with your heart now that sounds very cutesy and yet your heart your heart is what guides you your heart is what’s communicating to you that which you desire think about it your heart informs you who to have relationships with it guides you often time to your career your heart is that magic secret sauce of life that connects you to you that connects you to every other human being your heart so what are the abcs one two threes of a heart connection the first is absolutely absolutely honor what your heart is speaking and how we mean that is if you’re about to do something and you know you just feel it in your heart in your belly that it’s not right for you they don’t do it and if your heart is guiding you to something that has your knees quaking and your hands trembling and you know it’s going to produce great benefits for you then do it so absolutely let your heart be your guide and then if there’s a romantic situation that you’re in and your ego is telling you oh that person isn’t tall enough or oh that person isn’t whatever enough

but they make your heart smile you feel safe with them they see you completely they’re there for the win-win you follow your heart so the a in the abc’s is absolutely follow your heart and the b is be cautious be cautious with who you give your heart to be cautious with the things that you engage with your heart because your heart is precious as you are your heart goes in fully engaged 

so be cautious be careful when you’re engaging with your heart yes

and then the sea in the abcs of your heart is absolutely be consistent

absolutely be consistent and what that looks like is you are consistently honoring you you’re consistently teaching yourself you can trust yourself you’re consistently showing up for you so that you don’t break your own heart

so what we like for you to take away are the one two threes and the abcs right absolutely absolutely absolutely what lead with your heart the second be gentle be gentle with your heart be cautious with your heart be careful with your heart

and let’s see absolutely be consistent consistently allowing yourself to trust yourself consistently moving forward consistently honoring yourself consistently so now you’ve got the abc’s and it’s one two three for your heart i’ll see you next time enjoy your today and make sure really really make sure that you take care of your precious heart bye for now like i’m learning how to do this for you

grab it the kiss put it in your heart

you matter your heart matters and absolutely be cautious be careful be considerate and consistently honor your heart