Wisdom Wednesday

Behind Every Successful Woman is….

the Loving from other Women!

In today’s Wisdom Wednesday RaShawn-Renée talks about the superlative experience of Women encouraging, supporting and empowering other women. 

And what does that look like? 

What it looks like is 

-CELEBRATING another when something has been accomplished

-ENCOURAGING another when they are feeling dismayed

-NURTURING someone’s faith and belief in themself after seeming failure

and so much more….

At Real Truth we call it being a Mother-To-Another. 

The Real Truth is:

A Mother’s loving can be given to ANY One at ANY time; the only pre-requisite is that your heart, your words and your actions are there to encourage, support, empower and/or nurture the other.

Join us Live to be encouraged, supported, empowered and nurtured.

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