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This Is Your Time

Join Me and step into the Grandeur-of-You
  • It’s your time for real happiness.
  • It’s your time for fulfillment.
  • It’s your time for you to live with full self-acceptance.
  • It’s your time for liberation.
  • It’s your time for freedom.

It’s time for you to Love and honor yourself completely.

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That’s not what you’re paying….


80% of people in relationships are unfulfilled. 1 out of 2 relationships end in divorce. 7 out of 10 women experience physical abuse. 8 out of 10 women experience emotional and psychological abuse.

It’s time to change that NOW.

You matter, the time for you is now. That’s why we are offering you this course, this time, at this remarkable price of $987.

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Everyone who registers by March 31 will receive a personalized, signed copy of 44 Hours & 21 Minutes; A Woman’s Truth & Power along with a personalized note from author RaShawn-Renée.


It’s time to excavate and live a wholly-fulfilling life

  • No more settling
  • No more disappointing yourself
  • No more wishing things were different
  • No more NOT having the courage to be all of you
  • No more pretending/masquerading
  • No more being in fear of _______
  • No more lying to yourself
  • No more having the faint yet persistent feeling of dissatisfaction