Affiliate Agreement

Beloved Affiliate Program Participant,

I want to start by thanking you for your interest in taking this journey with us. We cannot wait to see what beautiful work we can do together and how many lives we can impact.

Attached to this letter is our standard terms and conditions for the Affiliate Program. Part of being able to do the work that we do is our deep responsibility to protect ourselves and you by complying with the laws and requirements of which we are subject. That’s really the intention behind getting something formal in writing. Please take the time to read it and understand it, with help if needed.

In essence, this agreement is really about setting things up right from the start so things can be simple: you spread the word about this work, you bring folks into our offerings so their lives can be lit up, and we offer you a commission for doing that. It’s that simple.

On behalf of Real Truth International, I want to welcome you to the Affiliate Program with this blessing and mantra: the best is yet to come. Once we have your signed agreement, we can joyfully take the next step.

In gratitude,

RaShawn Renée