It’s me, RaShawn-Renée


From: Hiding in a closet and asking; ‘God why am I here?’
To: Being fully seen and living dreams come true!
Your deed contributed to our dream.

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Dream 1

To write for liberation to free myself and others

She was born November 4th, 2018 and thus far she’s captivated approximately 11,000 people. Imagine no more hiding yourself, marginalization or pretense.

Dream 2

To be a beneficial presence of good in the world

by revealing how to eradicate the patterns, conditioning and mindset that keeps us from living at our optimum level and highlighting what’s necessary to live a wholly fulfilling life.

Here’s How You Contributed
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your deed contributed to our dream becoming real

Almost daily, communication via social media, emails, reviews and standard mail are received to share the beneficial impact thus far of 44 Hours & 21 Minutes; A Woman’s Truth & Power.

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Dream 3

A global paradigm shift that influences at least 111 million people (in part through the Educational Program A Necessary Life Curriculum™.

so that the conditioning of silence, shame and woeful self-ignorance is diminished and every person can live a life beyond their conditioning. For this, your support is needed and the willingness to be radically truthful is required.

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