Choice Points

Choice-Points are the variables and deciding factors to track the progression of your personal growth and development. In other words, Choice-Points are the indicators that clearly show if you’re growing and developing or staying as you are.

Becoming aware of Choice-Points is an essential component to Stepping into the Grandeur-of-You. Choice-Points clearly reveal if you’re operating from the conditioning that keeps You living less than you’re capable of, or if you are releasing the conditioning that doesn’t support or propel You to Happiness, Love and Fulfillment.

Choice-Points reveal clarity and indicate how you’re making choices. Here’s a story with an example of a Choice-Point:

Shortly after graduating from a two year masters program in Spiritual Psychology, I was recommended for an interview at a Drug Treatment Center. I never had any plan of working at a treatment center, yet out of regard for the person who recommended me and out of curiosity, I went on the interview.

The interview went exceedingly well. I was offered to come back for a second interview, then a third, and finally I was asked to set-in for a session with one of their clients. A couple of days after the session, I was given an offer for the job.

Each time, I went for an interview I knew deep down inside that the job wasn’t for me. However, I tried to convince myself otherwise by reminding myself; I wanted to help people create a better life for themselves and I wanted to use the knowledge and skills I acquired to validate my proficiency. In many ways this could have been a dream job. The salary being offered was tremendous and would have greatly contributed to my immediate plans. In addition it would have given me another win in my life (something I desperately needed because I felt as if I were at a deficit of wins).

—Read the full story in 44 Hours & 21Minutes; A Women’s Truth and Power

I had been offered a job with a good salary, in a beautiful environment and my Inner Guidance kept saying No, to the job offer and each time I heard No! I would tell myself, I had to say Yes! And I was going to accept the offer.

I was at a Choice-Point, I definitely knew the answer I wanted to give and I know the answer I was being guided to give. At the point in my life, when I had to make this Choice; I was still learning and developing the discipline to release the thinking of my Conditioned Mind. So, I had to command myself to trust and respond to my Inner Guidance. I had to remind myself that I would not do what I had done in the past (go against my Inner Guidance) and that my Choice had to honor me. The Choice I made was uncomfortable, only slightly familiar, and was another step towards Happiness, Fulfillment and Love…. I said No! To the job offer and as difficult as it was for me to choose No, I immediately felt a smile take-over my entire body and I felt as if I wanted to cry. I realized that by being at a Choice-Point and choosing differently than the Conditioned Mind was telling me, I was making a Choice that taught me, I could trust and honor myself. I was learning the value of making Self-honoring Choices and the power of Choice-Points.

Choice-Points are the variables and deciding factors necessary to track the progression of your personal growth and development.

Use Choice-Points as one of the foundational pillars for your Happiness, Love and Fulfillment.

Choice-Points will always show you exactly how you’re choosing.