Complimentary Offers

Do you really want it?

Do you really want a spectacular life?

Happiness, joy, fulfillment, lavishly loving relationships, whole self-acceptance and knowing you matter are some of the experiences when living a spectacular life.

A spectacular life reveals the real You

Learning, application, repetition and nurturing supports a spectacular life. Here are a few complimentary resources for your learning application and nurturing. Please refer to them often for repetition anytime you feel the need.

Learn You More, Love You More eBook

Learn You More, Love You More sets the foundation for Self-Love and provides necessary components for a spectacular life.

The eBook contains 3 sections of Learning and Loving….
🌸 The first section is a communication of Self-Love.
🌸 The second section supports the diminishing and eradication of negative Self-Talk.
🌸 The third section brings more Love into the most important relationships in your life.

I Matter 4-Day Engagement

In this mini-series of Video Gold…. actually, Video Platinum, there are close to 85 minutes of nurturing presented in 4 separate videos, approximately 21 minutes each. Designed to be watched over the course of 4 days. Each day builds your self-esteem, self-regard, value and gives understanding to…. You Matter.

You’ll find yourself watching these videos time and time again until you embody your Real Truth…. I Matter!

Chapter 11 (It’s a Must Listen)

When you’re ready to make choices that honor You. When you’re ready to wholly accept yourself…. You’re ready for a fulfilling life.

RaShawn-Renée reads chapter 11.

At a certain point, you’re ready for more, different and/or better. If she can do it, You can do it!

Listen, because you’re ready.

Just Receive Series

Wake up and be embraced by Love.

Go through your day feeling nurtured through Love.

Prepare for sleep being swaddled in Love.

This audio series contains the verbal tone, musical accompaniment and heart-engagement that supports Lavish Loving, Whole Self-Acceptance and Knowing you matter.