Real Truth Definitions

What a wonderful opportunity I’ve been given to speak to You with words that will liberate, up-level and make deposits into your psyche that will enhance your life. On page 31 in 44 Hours & 21Minutes; A Woman’s Truth and Power reads, “Words are powerful, they carry emotional currency, they become what informs our thinking and serve as our liberators or oppressors.” So, each time you read or hear my words know that they are for your liberation, Real Truth and Power. It is my objective to speak and write words that develop your understanding so profoundly that you embrace life knowing your Real Truth and choosing to live with Power beginning today, continuing tomorrow and for all the days of your life. 


Embrace every word.

Embrace your learning.

Embrace this moment.

Embrace You!

Real Truth OrchidYou’ist: A You’ist offers the highest level of service to another. Is skilled and sets up their practice to wholly focus on You; You being the optimum version of You. A You’ist functions as the bridge from the Conditioned Life to a life of Real Truth and how to live with Power.

Real Truth OrchidYou’ee: person who is committed to learning and living a life that reflects the Grandeur-of-Self through having Whole-Self-Acceptance.

Real Truth OrchidYou’er: a person trained by a You’ist to be of optimum service, support and model for You’ees.

Real Truth OrchidBeing a Mother-to-Another: giving a mother’s Love to another.

Real Truth OrchidInner-Guidance (Inner Knowing): (1) the inner communication of right and wrong; uncompromised by familial or societal conditioning. (2) the guidance that informs you to do something out of your comfort zone or says ‘don’t do that.’

Real Truth OrchidReal Truth: (1) the revelation of your innate Self by releasing conditioning and listening to your Inner-Guidance. (2) the path to Self-Honoring Choices

Real Truth OrchidLiving with Power: when you examine your conditioning and become aware of your unique magnificence to claim your life as your own.

Real Truth OrchidGrandeur-of-You: your individual magnificence, given by that which created you; uncompromised by familial or societal conditioning.

Real Truth OrchidWhole-Self-Acceptance: knowing that you are great, grand and glorious and that every experience is for your learning as you allow it to catapult you into wisdom.

Real Truth OrchidChoice Points: (1)the compass that indicates if we are still living with unconscious thinking and unexamined conditioning or if we are making Self-Honoring Choices and releasing the patterns that don’t contribute to a wholly-fulfilling-life (2) the opportunity to allow your Inner Guidance to direct you to do something out of your comfort zone. See Chapter 11 for lots more on Choice Points….

Real Truth OrchidLife-of-Delight (Life-of-Fulfillment): a wholly fulfilling life including Whole-Self-Acceptance, peacefulness, Self-Honoring Choices and knowing You’re the Prize!

Real Truth OrchidValue-of-Self: (1) to cherish and honor yourself, knowing You’re The Prize! (2) the most precious gift you could ever give to yourself

Real Truth OrchidTruth Bumps: Your physical body confirms the Real Truth with a surge of energy that puckers your skin and/or sends tingling sensations throughout your body…. you might be having them right now.

“Words are powerful, they carry emotional currency, they become what informs our thinking and serve as our liberators or oppressors.”