A Self-Honoring-Choice

A Self-Honoring-Choice is a conscious choice of Self-Love, Self-Governance, and it clearly illustrates Self-Value.

When you make a Self-Honoring-Choice it is clearly saying, “I know who I am, I know my value, I stand in my Real Truth, I live with Power, and I am unwavering in who I am.”

In a sentence, a Self-Honoring-Choice says, “I honor me, for the sake of me; even when no one is looking.” Here’s an example: You consider yourself an honest person, as do those around you. You go to the grocery store and you pay with cash because you want change for a $100.00 (hundred dollar bill). Your check-out total is $10.01. The cashier says; “Don’t worry about the penny” and gives you your change. Your change should be $90.00 (ninety dollars). However, when you get back to the car and count your change, you realize you have $110.00 (one hundred and ten dollars). Do you go back into the store and give her the $20 back or do you say to yourself; “This is my lucky day, and this was meant for me.” Depending on how you answer that question is a clear communication if you’re making Self-Honoring-Choices, or something else.