When Your Conditioning Wants You to Stop Growing

“Thought patterns are acquired, therefore the mind that accepted them can reject them.”

When your Conditioned Mind wants You to STOP You must immediately do three things:

  1. Acknowledge what’s occurring and say: I am choosing differently.
  2. Remind yourself, I am stepping into the Grandeur-of-Me.
  3. Do whatever action it is that you are being deterred from and say: I am taking governance over my thoughts and actions.

The thoughts and actions from your Conditioned Mind will come up time and time again while Excavating and Examining. And, even as you Release conditioning that doesn’t serve you, the Conditioned Mind will often present a Choice-Point. With each Choice-Point comes the opportunity to eradicate the Conditioned Mind by making a Self-Honoring Choice and continuing to Acknowledge, Commit and Do. The Conditioned Mind operates from your habitual thinking and actions. It is the mind that has kept you from feeling whole and living the full magnificence of You. It is the mind of limitation, comfortable discomfort and unfulfillment. It is the mind of status quo.

What you are asking yourself to do at the time your Conditioned Mind wants to STOP is; go beyond your conditioned thinking and raise yourself up to your higher thinking. The thinking that is the Truth of You, the thinking that commands the Power of You, the thinking that will allow You to feel proud of You. The thinking that propels You to fulfillment and living a life of absolute magnificence. So, each time your Conditioned Mind wants you to STOP; Acknowledge, Commit and Do.