Why Examining Can Be Scary And How To Work Through It

Each of us has a vested interest in being who we think we are based upon who we’ve been and what we tell ourselves about ourselves. It can be very challenging, when examining your life, to see that some of your choices, your way-of-being, and your thinking doesn’t align with who you have been thinking you are. You may also discover that the way you’ve been living has never felt comfortable for you and your life has been lived solely based upon someone else’s seeding/input of who you are supposed to be. Yes! It can feel very scary to let go of what you’ve known or it can be exciting and feel liberating…. You choose.

The only way to do something different is to learn or experience something different. The only way to learn something different is to implement by practice. The only way to experience something different is to do something different. So when you’re feeling scared to let go or feeling scared because you don’t want to be Radically truthful with yourself or perhaps you’re scared because you haven’t been comfortable with yourself for a long while and it’s too painful to admit. Or maybe you’re scared because you have never created an intimate relationship with yourself; you’ve only done what you’ve always done and been who you’ve been told you’re supposed to be.

When you’re feeling scared, I invite you to do what you’ve come here to do…. Take another step into the Grandeur-of-You by choosing to acknowledge your feelings, remind yourself; you are learning and revealing your Real Truth and choosing to live with Power. Then, DO IT! Do whatever is necessary to continue moving forward. Which means…. DO NOT STOP! Continue moving forward. Then, choose to release the seeming scariness and allow it to transmute into anticipation and excitement. The anticipation of what You will reveal by examining and the excitement of living with Whole-Self-Acceptance as you are stepping into the Grandeur-of-You.

When it feels scary, it’s completely okay. And….When YOU allow it to be your liberation YOU are stepping into your GRANDEUR and that’s Power!