Why Self-Forgiveness Is Important

Part I

The word FORGIVE and the act of forgiveness grants, gives, allows, and frees. And, that’s what we must do.

The very action, meaning, and thinking about forgiving yourself begins the process of freeing yourself. To choose Self-Forgiveness is saying yes, to consciously developing the mindset and the emotional character that allows You to see You fully, to forgive yourself incrementally until you are able to forgive yourself completely.

Why is Self-Forgiveness so important? It is important because without it; empathy is discarded. Without it you can’t fully accept yourself, without it your foundation to trust yourself and others is weakened, cracked, not solid. Self-Forgiveness is so important because, without it, you aren’t able to have Whole-Self-Acceptance and experience profound Love. Without Self-Forgiveness, you aren’t able to see yourself clearly nor Love yourself completely.

Consider this…. Someone has done something that you feel offended by and each time you see the person, they never say anything about it. They know you’re offended because your mutual friends have told them. Yet, they never apologize nor communicate they know you’ve been offended. You don’t see that person often however, you see them about four times a year and each time you see the person you say: “May we speak privately, I have something I want to talk to you about that offended me.” They always say; “I know, I’ve heard and I’m going to call you, I’ve just been too busy.” Do you think that person is someone who you would choose to have a very close, nurturing, and loving relationship with?

Part II

Now consider this….

You offend someone and the moment you learn that you’ve offended them, you don’t call, text, email or do any action to communicate an apology because you feel bad about offending the person. Approximately a week passes, as each day passes you feel worse for not apologizing. Finally, you make arrangements to meet with the person you offended. Seconds after your Hello you say; “I apologize for _____________ (fill in the blank).” Your apology is accepted and the moment your apology is given, you feel better. The recipient of the apology says; “I’ve been feeling very hurt and wanted to call you every day this past week and I was so hurt, I couldn’t make myself call you. I’m grateful to receive your apology and now I realize, what you said shouldn’t have hurt my feelings.” The two of you communicate and by the end of the evening, you have developed a more intimate relationship.

Would you choose to be in a relationship with the person who was the offender in consideration one or consideration two?

Self-Forgiveness is so important because, without it, there is a distance between You and the acceptance of all of You. Your relationship with yourself and your ability to forgive You or not forgive You permeates every relationship in your life.

Please forgive yourself and allow Self-Forgiveness to be your lifetime companion.

Forgiveness begins with You.