Real Talk with RaShawn-Renée
& Lynn Rose

Lynn Rose and RaShawn-Renée have a Real Talk conversation as Lynn discusses her journey from being abducted, verbally and emotionally silenced to a woman who lives her life on the world stage. If you want to know how this dynamic woman went from no voice to a voice where more than a hundred million people will hear it…. This is a Real Talk conversation that you don’t want to miss…. listen now!


Just Receive | Real Truth International

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I’ve worked one on one with RaShawn-Renée and her voice is the voice that plays in my mind (the voice in my ear) that reminds me I am valuable, I matter and I’m The Prize. Her teachings have up-leveled my life in ways that continuously support me. Her teachings are necessary for every person who wants to live a fulfilling life and really know their value.