Real Talk with RaShawn-Renée
& Lawrence Wimsatt

Lawrence Wimsatt and RaShawn-Renée have Real Talk about money and the importance of having an intimate relational relationship with money instead of a transactional one. Lawrence clearly defines the importance of knowing yourself since financial decisions are unconsciously based upon your personal self-identification and self-regard (meaning if you don’t see yourself as valuable, you don’t value your finances). He gives us a peek into what makes a person financially successful, impoverished or static. This is a Real Talk conversation that you don’t want to miss…. listen now!


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At first glance, it appears that RaShawn-Renée’s work contributes to the emotional, mental and physical well-being of all those that learn from her. However, her teachings extend beyond the aforementioned to include that what she teaches will also benefit your financial life. I highly recommend that you learn from her teachings so that you can have a better relationship with your finances and every other area of your life. I’m so pleased to recommend her teachings to You…. they will enhance your life.