Wisdom Wednesday

Define Your Status

In today’s Powerful #WisdomWednesday​ RaShawn-RaShawn-Renée provides an education in the hierarchy of You. Watch this video as we powerfully reveal the importance of understanding your birthright and the privileges and advantages it affords you.

Who you are really matters! Here are Real Truth International, we KNOW: You’re The Prize! and we want You to know it too!

Join us, we want YOU to Step Into The Grandeur-of-You, follow the link below to learn more:
Step into the Grandeur-of-You

There’s nothing more important than your mental and emotional well-being. Peace-of-mind is a by-product of Stepping Into Your Grandeur.
When you step into the Grandeur-of-You, you begin living the Grandeur-of-Self which means understanding your real Value, knowing you matter without subjugation and having Whole-Self-Acceptance that is void of shame and regret.

When you step into the Grandeur-of-You, the thoughts, feelings and actions that have kept you from being all you can be are diminished.

Living the Grandeur-of-You means….

Experiencing all things, each pain and all that has held you back means you have the key to the lock, the mental and emotional programming that has kept you from fulfillment, Whole-Self-Acceptance, Inner-Peace and making Self-Honoring Choices.
Being the person, who others admire, respect and emulate based upon who you are not what you have.
Having a better relationship with yourself and having discernment for every person in your life.
Being more mindful of how you use your time and who you give your time to.
Feeling a sense of wholeness; you’re no longer trying to keep all the secrets.
Learning your Real Truth and choosing to live with Power.
Living beyond familial and societal systemic conditioning.
A more honest and intimate relationship with yourself.
Seeing each day YOU matter!
YES! Live the Grandeur-of-You!

A Step Into the Grandeur-of-You | The Relationship Series​

Video Transcription

I was just thinking to myself, it’s such a tongue tier. Can you say it 4 times fast?

Wisdom Wednesday

Wisdom Wednesday

Wisdom Wednesday

oh my gosh, I must really want to impress you,  cause I just did it! I couldn’t do it a couple of minutes ago.

You know our number’s four. I should have said it four times.

Wisdom Wednesday

okay, well thank you for being here. Thank you for being here today on another magnificent Wisdom Wednesday. We’re always so happy that you show up to gain a bite sized piece of wisdom and to apply it to your life and we’re always so grateful for those of you who watch the replay; so thank you. thank you for receiving what we’re communitacting. Because as you know, we have only one objective and that is to make certain that you, all of you listening, all of you listening a the replay and all of you who telI donl your friends who have yet to come and experience our mission is that you live the REAL You. and that is what I want to talk to you about.

OH! I am so so so so pleased about what we are going to talk about today! Which always is about YOU! but how we’re talking about it today is from a different perspective. we’re talking about you knowing the privileges and the advantages of your birthright. we’re talking about you defining your status of exactly who you really are. and so, usually, you, me, every person on the planet goes about our lives living it as we choose. I don’t think that very many people until you excavate, examine and release familial and societal conditioning have an understanding that all times in your life, you’re operating from one of the three perspectives in your life that I’m going to explain. and this is, when I share this with you, this is really where you have to define your status. you have to decide who you are and then choose who you want to be. so, are you ready? are you ready for this? are you ready? you, me and everyone we’re operating out of one of three modalities in terms of who we are. are you acting out of the repressed  you, the represed you is the you that has dreams and desires and yearning and has lost trust in yourself so all of those dreams, desires, yearnings. the possibilities of you that you just repressed and you pushed them down. uhm, because as I said you’ve lost trust in yourself. you disappointed yourself so many times that you don’t know how to trust yourself. your heart doesn’t know how to trust you. that’s why so often when I’m speaking to you I ask you to put your hand over your heart and make declarative statements with me that will engage you in trusting yourself more.

Then, number two: there is a conditioned you. the conditioned you is the you that has taken in your familial and societal conditioning and you have become the person and you are living as the person that it’s expected that you would be. your parents did this, so you have become THAT.

the way that you operate in society believes this, so you believe THAT. the way that you move and have your being is in a group of people that are the same group of people that you probably grew up with or the same group of people that your parents grew up with and their children, and the same type of schools, it’s just… a thread of sameness. conditioned. rarely do you have or allow yourself to live outside of the ideas that are in your conditioned bubble.


and then there is what we teach at Real Truth. It’s why the company, the organization that’s called Real Truthin interanational, and this is the one thing, the one perspective, this is where you want to me.

it’s where we all truly want to be. because in this third sense of self, it presents to you the real You. and that’s what it is. it’s the real You!

The Real You is the you that says: I accept my conditioning, both familial and societal. I understand and accept my thoughts and feelings of wanting to repress myself and then I tend to know those things and choose to overcome those things. to expand beyond my familial and societal conditioning. to really move into my grandeur. To live beyond where I have lived before, or where my parents have lived before or where my grandparents have lived before. I think different thoughts. I assess my thinking to see if my thinking is moving me into fulfillment and happiness. where, as you’ve heard me say before, where you just look at yourself in the mirror and are pleased with who you are from the self honoring choices that you make, from the way you show up for yourself. That’s the real you. and with the real you comes the utmost of privileges and advantages. The real you eradicates the shame and the blame and the regret that you were once carrying. the real you is the you that says, oh my gosh, I really AM great, grand and glorious because I trust myself. the real you says, ‘I understand that there is an evolution, a process of me. it says, I understand that I make mistakes. meaning I do things that are miss – takes. like making a movie, when they’re making a movie, the actors do whatever they do on set. That’s not what we see, they go ‘CUT!’ right? and then they make another take. until that take is perfect to the level that they want to show it to the public. and that’s all mistakes are if you are using them to correct the behavior, the choices, it is for the evolution of you, the individual. so the real you is who you want to be. so you get to decide today, and think about this while I’m talking and think about this after you listen to this, Wisdom Wednesday, who are you? Are you living the repressed you? are you living the conditioned you? or are you living the real you? How are you living? and once you decide that, then choose how you want to live. this is your life precious person, this is your way of being. you get to decide you get to decide. okay? okay! that’s what I’ve got for you today! so, decide, decide, choose and once you make the decision, then if your decision is that you want to live the real you, then you may have felt otherwise, you know you’re the conditioned you, you know you’re the repressed you, and now you’re ready to be the real you, so I want you to join us, I want you to join us and let us hold your hand and usher you into stepping into the grandeur of you. the grandeur of you presents to you the real you. you get to meet yourself full on. you get to start releasing the familial and societal conditioning. you get to step into your grandeur. there’s information below. join us, I want to see you there, AND! we just made this so easy for you to join, right now. so join us, step into your grandeur. be the real you. live the fullness of your life. and understand, see yourself, be the excellent YOU. 

AHH! I’m so excited for you! 

I’ll see you in the virtual room, make sure you decide who you are and then choose who you want to be. This is your precious life, okay? Alright.


You know what i want you to do, grab the kiss, place it in your heart and know that this is the kiss that’s saying to you: the Real You awaits YOU. Be. Live. The REAL You.

Bye for now.