Wisdom Wednesday

Take Ownership of YOU


There is nothing more powerful than knowing the Real You.
Knowing the Real You means you are fully expressing yourself.
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In order to live the Real You, you must first take ownership of You.

The only way in which we can take ownership is by excavating, examining and releasing the familial and societal conditioning that no longer serves You. Another way of saying that is ‘until you look deeply at how you have become who you are, you will fully never know how you’ve become who you are nor the possibilities of who you could be.’

Own yourself.

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When you know better, you do better AND! You inspire OTHERS to do the SAME!
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Video Transcription

Hello Hello Hello, it’s Wisdom Wednesday we’ve got to talk about you taking ownership of you, that’s what we’re talking about today. 

It’s so important that you know YOU! That you take ownership of YOU! That you live the life you want to live the life that you want to live. That you experience happiness. That you experience fulfillment. That you epxerieince whole self acceptance. That you experience loving profoundly and lavishly. That’s what we’re talking about today and that’s what happens when you OWN YOURSELF. Ownership of you….

AH! I’m so excited. THIS-of course it’s me RaShawn-Renee, it’s Wisdom Wednesday adn we have a lot to unpack in a little bit of time and it is imperative that you take ownership of you. If you want to have the life that I just described. 

There is nothing, nothing more important than you knowing you.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is the real you. That’s the greatest gift. That’s what we’re all longing for. That’s why we go to therapists. That’s why we go into Self-Help. That’s why we go into Growth, that’s why we are changing our bodies. That’s why we do all of these things outside of ourself because what we’re really saying is – I want to know the real me. I want to feel good about me. I want to have peace of mind. I want to have peace of heart. I want to know fullfillment. I want to know that. 

Inwardly, we’re all saying ‘i want to choose ME’. Not them, me. Whomever the ‘them’ is in your life. Them who is telling you something other than ‘you’re Great! You’re magnificent!’ you’ve made some choices that you’ve grown from! You’re courageous, you’re dynamic, you’re fine, you don’t need to be healed – you are not broken. That’s what we want to hear. 

However, that’s not our familial or societal norm at this time. However, when you take ownership of you, the beautiful, magnificent, individual that you are then you start saying those things to yourself AND! Others start saying those things to you. 

And the people that are not in alignment with understanding your magnificence, with seeing the power of you, they give you grace when there is a misstep that allows you to evolve into your fullness. Those people seem to clear the path and move themselves out of the way. 

So how do you take ownership of you?

The first thing is, you know what I’m giong to say, you have to declare it. You have to declare that you are taking ownership of youand before I go further, I want to read something to you from 44 Hours & 21 Minutes; A Woman’s Truth and Power. It is on page 199 in the paperback version and it says

‘Choice Point: for the first time I chose me. The decision was made from my heart. Choosing me garnered a standing ovation from my classmates because I was choosing Truth. Life is good. And it’s more beautiful when you get to see who you really are. When was the last time you chose to learn about you and do you fully trust and love yourself?’

This is how you move into ownership of yourself. 

The first thing you do is declare it. Declare I will own me.  That means you’re responsible for your thoughts, you’re responsible for your actions. That means you’re responsible for the totality of your life, you are responsible. 

You, You, You are responsible. 

That means that there is no one else to blame anymore about anything. And it means that you start making Self-Honoring Choices. This is how you take ownership. Through Self-Honoring Choices. Self-Honoring Choices that say: you know, I’m really interested in…. Let’s use: A NEW CAREER. 

And instead of telling yourself there’s no way I could go into that career because of all the tings you could tell yourself WHY, but this is your career that’s been calling you forward forever. Maybe it’s something you do in your spare time that gives you so much joy. Maybe it’s something that you play around in your mind with all the time. The moment that you declare that you’re taking ownership of yourself, the moment that you declared that you are now making Self-Honoring Choices, those excuses diminish. And you will start to see, because you have declared it, it’s amazing that reticular activation system – it’s amazing what happens. Because you decared it, because you’re taking ownership of you, because you’re making Self-Honoring Choices, because you have decided, you have decided that you own you, your life, things start manifesting for you. Now that does not mean that they *snaps* magically appear – although they DO MAGICALLY APPEAR….. The things that are on that path, what does not magically appear is the new career because you have to put in the work. 

So the first thing you have to do – and the work means the focus, the energy, the work means disciplining your mind to declare to yourself, this is what I’m choosing for ME. this is the way I see my life. 

And so when someone comes to you and says, ‘hey! That’s not a good idea that your’e gonna move into a new career!’ ‘yeah, maybe for you it’s not a good idea, and for me, mine, I own it.’ and you don’t have to talk to them anymore your beautiful idea for your new career. 

Or, if you want to release weight from your body and you have someone in your ear and people around you saying ‘oh my god you’re going on another diet? They don’t work! Why don’t you stop! Why don’t you go have surgery? Why don’t you? Why don’t you? Why don’t you…..’ 

Hmmm. When you take ownership, when you declare that this is your body, when you declare ‘my body will look the way I’m choosing for it to look’ then you start making different choices. 

So it is incumbent upon you to take ownership of yourself so that you can see the REAL YOU. so that you can live a life of Whole Self Acceptance and Fullfillment. So that you can wake up with a smile across your face and your heart and WHAT THAT REALLY MEANS IS YOU ARE GOOD with every aspect of your life .

And as things happen, life happens, and things are wonky because you’ve taken ownership, you don’t stay in that wonkiness. You don’t stay in that low-level thinking. You rise up. You rise up to the power of you. You rise up to the ownership of you. 

So today, declare, declare declare, declare that you are taking ownership of you. 

And then decide one thing, just one thing that you want to see manifest in your life. 

And then, make that one thing non-negotiable. You’re declaring it. You’re owning it. And watch what happens. And there’s more steps but just start there. 

Declare it and decide what it is today. 

Okay, that’s what i have for you today. I’m so happy that you were with us today, on this wonderful Wisdom Wednesday- last week I did it, right. I did it 4 times in a row. But I won’t try it today! 

Thank you for joining us, if you haven’t registered already for our Step into the Grandeur-of-You = today is the last day that we’re accepting people into the curriculum. It’s been magnificent. The you’ees are having such a great time. We’ve made it so easy for you. Look forward to seeing you next Wisdom Wednesday, come into the classroom learn more so you can love you more so that you are able to have the life that you truly, richly want and desire. Lavishly loving you is your mandate. 

Okay? Okay! I’ll see you soon – thankyou for being here *blows kiss* you know what I want you to do with that kiss, grab it, put it in your heart, know that this is a kiss of loving and this is a kiss that you are taking ownership of you and giving yourself the greatest gift that you will ever have which is knowing the real you. 

Make the choice, declare it today and then decide one thing. Okay! I’ll see you soon. bye.